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How to Know if Your Well Water Is Contaminated

Author: Seller Ben
by Seller Ben
Posted: Mar 18, 2014

When it comes to legionella risk assessment services, it seems that a lot of people nowadays are considering them since they want to be certain that the water that they drink is not contaminated with bacteria that can endanger their lives. For instance, people who have a fountain know very well that the risk of various types of bacteria infecting their water is high and that is why they are the ones that most of the time request the services of legionella risk assessment companies.

Specific Smell

One of the first signs that the water is contaminated lies in its odor. If it smells like fuel or gasoline, then that is a clear sign that people should get in touch with the legionella risk assessment London services as soon as possible. Most of the time, these substances will enter the well from nearby gas stations, fuel spills, chemical spills and so forth. In some cases, though, strange smells can also be the result of sewage leaks or pipe corrosion. Either way, by getting in touch with the London companies, people will easily be able to sort things out and see what is causing the problem, and of course, how it can be fixed.

The Taste

In some cases the taste of the well water may be salty. When this happens, then that is a clear indicator of sodium or chloride contamination. In the majority of cases, this will happen to those living along coastal areas because wells there are highly exposed to salty water contamination. Still, to be safe, individuals should also call Surrey services in order to test the water and know for sure if the water is contaminated with other dangerous bacteria. If the water's taste is very bad, for example, then it may signal the presence of hydrogen sulfide.

Constant Sickness

Last but not least, if individuals are getting sick from using the water, then this is an indicator that it's contaminated with various chemicals, such as nitrates, protozoa or viruses. If the water has a high level of nitrates, then it can be specifically dangerous for infants since that can lead to a disease that makes them have a bluish color. All in all, those who value their health and want to make sure they're on the safe side when it comes to their drinking water, get in touch with the legionella risk assessment Surrey services, which will offer customers a full report on the quality of the water that they are currently using.

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