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Using Ready Mix Concrete - Undertsand Its Pros And Cons

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Posted: Sep 23, 2017

On-site concrete or ready-mix concrete as it is also known is concrete that is manufactured in the batching plant of a concrete mixing factory and delivered to the customer’s site as per their requirements. A specialised type of truck is used for the transportation of the same so that it can be delivered in an unhardened and freshly mixed state.

But there are advantages and disadvantages to using Ready Mixed Concrete. While the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, it is always better to have a sound knowledge of both before embarking on a full scale use of this on-site concrete.

Advantages of onsite concrete

There are innumerable advantages associated with the use of this concrete. Hence it is difficult to list all of them but the most important ones include:

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Quality assurance: Controlled conditions of mixing along with the use of good quality raw materials ensure that the ready-mix concrete manufactured is of a very quality.

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Speeds up work: This concrete speeds up the construction work making the skeletal structure of buildings get completed well before the schedule because:

It is readily available in the mixed form and

It dries up very quickly.

Reduction in cement used: The professional and precise way in which the concrete is mixed reduces the use of cement by about 10 to 12percent thereby saving money and also preventing the environment from getting polluted due to the excessive production of ready-mix concrete.

Versatile: This concrete can be used in the manufacture of many different types of buildings and structures since it can be custom made on the basis of the requirements of the construction project.

Human error gets reduced: The ready-mix concrete is manufactured in the factory using machines and techniques which reduce the chances of a plausible human error thus making it safe to use.

No storage required: Since this concrete is freshly made and instantly utilised, there is no need for storage space to be allocated for the same.

No extra labour required: There is also no need for extra labour to mix the concrete since it comes in a pre-mixed form from the factory.

Disadvantages of onsite concrete

Disadvantages associated with the use of the RMC are few and can be easily offset using simple methods and techniques. Some of the important disadvantages are:

The onsite concrete does not stay in its unhardened state for a very long time and hence it needs to be transported and used within a short period of time. Else some of the mix might start to get hardened thereby resulting in a loss.

The quantity of ready-mix concrete which needs to be utilised in one go is quite high. Hence arrangements need to be made for the proper utilisation of the same beforehand since there is no way that onsite concrete can be stored in any way without it becoming hardened.

It is definitely to the advantage of construction project owners to Buy Ready Mixed Concrete since structures made from it are able to sustain and maintain themselves much better in the long run. But it should only he handled by adept professionals so that its effectiveness, efficiency and functionality get increased.

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