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Cover Letter: Types and Features

Author: Marggie Hopkins
by Marggie Hopkins
Posted: Sep 26, 2017
cover letter

To be someone in the present world, it's not enough just to have a set of skeletons or to be able to do everything in the world. You need to document your skills: in a resume, a portfolio, as well as in cover letter.

A?cover letter is a mini story about yourself. In any case (except for very creative specialties), it should be written in an official style, taking into account the rules of good tone. If you use informal turns, the abbreviation (I'm, I've, etc.), you will neglect the grammar, you may experience the impression of a low-skilled, ignorant person. The first rule of writing a motivational letter: sit down for it only when you consider that you fully understand the description and requirements of the program, its specificity. It is logical that the letter should consist of an introduction, the main part and the conclusion, with smooth transitions from one to another. Start by deciding to submit documents to this position, and complete the plans for the future and the prospects that the program opens for you.

Usually distinguish three main types of cover letter:

1. Application Cover Letter.

This motivation letter accompanying the resume explains why you are approaching a specific position (including your experience and motivation) and why you should choose among all other candidates

2. Letter of Interest / Prospecting Letter.

A letter sent to companies to inform its executives that you are interested in positions whose vacancies are open now or may appear in the future.

3. Referral Cover Letter.

This type of email serves as a recommendation for you to work in the company and is based on your previous experience. It may not be written by you, but by the person who recommends you.

When applying for a study or exchange program abroad, as well as for various international events, the first type of cover letter is used - the application letter. Also, mini-motivation letters can be considered as fragmentary questions in questionnaires, which are sometimes offered to fill applications for international programs. Their purpose is to understand the motivation of the participant and its relevance to the position.

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I prepare series of articles about writing cover letters, which will be published in the future, also at my website.

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Author: Marggie Hopkins

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