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Proximity Beacons : Set a Goal for Beacon technology

Author: Ankit Jain
by Ankit Jain
Posted: Sep 27, 2017

Beacons are the simplest way to communicate for the marketers with their customers at any location by having a proper interface and platform. The Beacons are the small devices which send BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals to their nearby devices such as mobile phones or tablets. It generates a notification on your mobile phones when your device enters in the proximity of any beacon device. The details of the notification depending upon the kind of data that is connected to that particular beacon device. The notification will generate on those mobile phones which have their Bluetooth ON and which contains the kind of application required by the proximity beacon. The Beacon technology is being used for both iOS and Android platforms, iOS uses the protocols of beacons and referred it as iBeacon and is applicable for all the iPhones and iPads, Android does not use such kind of protocols but it receives the signal only when the applications are running in the background.

To know more about us:

Proximity Beacons, that is, the range of beacon devices to generate the notifications into mobile phones or we can say that the point up to where they are accessible. The Proximity beacon is the future of mobile technology, as they can provide us location-based services and notify the user about their location as well. The proximity marketing is the key feature for Beacon devices as they provide a particular area around which their signal passes through. Eddystone beacon which is developed by Google provides the proximity feature to its beacon devices and platform. The Beacons work on the basis of Location, GPS and proximity as they have specific applications with which they get notifications on their mobile phones about special offers, discounts, brands, and any new product present over there.

The Beacon technology helps you to know more about new and trendy items circulating in the market. By the help of Beacons, you get proper and timely notifications of any offers, new shopping store, and much more. It is a full proof marketing strategy to make people aware of their shops, stores, brands, and discounts. Also, Beacons are used to collect the necessary and informative data about the users, their preferences, and their actions. For the doctors, it helps them to collect the information of their patients, their overall information, routine checkup timing and their diseases. The data helps you trigger that particular customer or patient more effectively and efficiently. Also, we can use Beacon services with the URL, an upcoming technology of Beacon which will be running in the Chrome browser as well.

The Proximity services in the Beacon will help to increase the traffic to their shop, store or any area, by enabling a free access to the users and knowing about their plans and strategies. Hence, these notifications will be generated only up to a particular area of the beacon device which is known as Proximity of any Beacon device. The user will get the notifications when they around the proximity of the Beacon device. The Beacons also help the retailers to increase their revenue and marketing, by putting their names on the users mobile phone. The Eddystone works for both iOS and Android platforms while iBeacons are specifically for the iPhones and iPads. By having this proximity feature Eddystone’s are putting their standard in the market. Many of the Beacon companies are using Eddystone as their specific Beacon, information is broadcasted from the beacon and the phone receives information and the customers get in-store mobile experience.

Canopus provides you the mobile applications based on proximity beacon which set a goal for beacon technology. Canopus has developed a vast number of applications for both iOS and Android platform which are running successfully on Google Play Store and App Store. Canopus provides you various beacon based applications like- retail, hospital and healthcare, GPS and location-based, and much more. All of these application includes proximity feature and works for both iBeacon and Eddystone beacons. We provide all kind of solutions for a proximity beacon which includes geolocation based services and generate notifications to users mobile phone.

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Canopus Infosystems is an Iso 9001:2008 Certified Company that specializes in providing outsourced web & mobile development and testing services to clients worldwide.

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