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Common mistakes to avoid in choosing satta matka

Author: Vikrant Sharma
by Vikrant Sharma
Posted: Sep 29, 2017

There are many mistakes to avoid when playing satta matka online. The first of those mistakes is to not know how to choose your numbers and optimize winning in playing matka satta. Other mistakes include going to playing without understanding the basic rules and going without a plan at all.

Below are some matka tips to help you select your numbers correctly.

1. Using birthdates as lottery numbers: Many people select numbers that correspond to their birthdates or dates corresponding to other anniversary dates. Many people hope that this will increase winning chances. However, it has been proved that this method will rarely yield the targeted benefits. This is obvious because anyone will be selecting a number within the range of 0-31 only when numbers can go up to 46. You not only miss on selecting numbers from any combinations but you also get to select numbers that have a high competition as many people are using their birthday and other anniversary dates as the basis of selecting their number combinations.

It is advisable to get creative when selecting winning numbers instead of falling to numbers you can easily get.

  1. Using sequence of numbers: Many people have a sequenced method of selecting their combinations. Say you for instance choose numbers 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 going up to 46. Many people playing satta matka do, so your numbers will face very high competition.
  2. Reusing recent winning numbers: Although this is a fairly reasonable technique when playing matka satta, it is not advisable because numbers that have won recently will have a lower chance of winning in future games. It does not mean that it is impossible to win with these numbers but the chances of them coming up again as winning numbers are very rare.

In fact, you would better avoid selecting winning numbers at all costs.

In other words, because satta matka or matka satta is a game of chances, it is recommended to select numbers randomly instead of recycling or using a certain predefined method of deciding numbers.

Numbers carefully selected on random basis might have superior chances than strategized numbers. Instead of tying yourself to these strategized numbers, feel free to select any combination and enjoy playing other than being fascinated with winning.

Above are tips on the mistakes to avoid, but there are certainly many more tips on how to select a winning combination. For instance, before selecting any numbers, take a look at expert commentaries from renowned players who have years of experience and streaks of winning in the game. They will not only provide matka tips in selecting the right numbers but also in managing other issues relating to playing the game.

You can also rely on online forums and analysis by various experts, which offer tips on maximizing your winning chances. You might also get some people offering numbers for free, which they hope will win in the game. You can also do some research to find other winning strategies for satta matka.

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