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Academic Issues and Problems Paper

Author: Elizabeth King
by Elizabeth King
Posted: Sep 30, 2017
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ssues and Problems

A solution brings out the dissimilarity between issue and problem. Generally, when there is an issue, a solution is readily available. Therefore, it is obvious to solve an issue even before it presents itself. On the other hand, a problem cannot be solved without a clear precaution or with guesswork assertion. The difference between issues and problems is often dictated by size. Issues are dismal and not life altering. In most cases, issues are not difficult to solve. In fact, counsel may not be sought from others when figuring the impact of the issue. In scale, a problem is larger; large enough to alter permanently or temporarily the life dynamics. Advice and guidance is sought when solving a problem. Normally, an issue is a factor that causes some annoyance while a problem influences people and situations. For instance, forgetting a book in the library is an issue, but being on academic probation is a problem.

Academic Probation as a Problem

The academic success greatly depends on the students’ focus and the determination. My friend James was on a two weeks academic probation in his last semester as a freshman. Lack of class attendance, overloaded work schedule, and romantic distractions are some of the factors that led to James’s probation. Naturally, James is a hopeless procrastinator who begins on an assignment when it is almost due. After all, we all have done that in high school; maintaining an average 3.0 GPA while participating in a plethora extra-curricular such as dates. James never fixed this bad habit. While in high school, James used to succeed even without really working on it because it came out naturally. When he got in college, complications arose due to his dreadful time management skills: He did not keep up with important dates until the last minute. It was not his passion to attend college but instead viewed it as an expected step. College provides the freedom, and the first time James missed school, he confessed to me that he felt nervous but later realized that he was the stair to his life. From this realization, he missed classes with every excuse imaginable. His misadventures ranged from: ‘It was ruining in the morning’ to ‘it is too hot outside’, to ‘I am not in the mood’ and so forth, whilst avoiding professors questions and engaging in ‘meaningless’ relationships. These saw James grades fall below average on a 4.0 scale lending to his placement on a two weeks academic probation.

Ideally, James should formulate a work plan on how to conduct the research. Evaluation of sources is one importance of this research activity. Sources are at our fingerprints but knowing where to start, how to sort them, and finding the required information maybe overwhelming. As tradition depicts, James can start by seeking counsel from his friends, mentors, guidance counselors, and the faculty members. This summarizes the primary sources. In addition, James can use secondary sources of information such as searching the internet or refer for guidance materials in the library.

A student placed in an academic probation is often disappointed, disillusioned, and embarrassed. From the onset, James needs to seek counsel from advisers on the cognitive strategies for studying to foster success in academics. The focal factor to James’ academic probation was absenteeism. James was engaged in other activities making him to skip classes. He can have lunch with the professors to share his worries and personal issues that deter good academic performance. James can also use emails and the bulletin board to communication with tutors and colleagues while at the same time raising questions and concerns. He can also explicitly read on the good study skills on the voluminous amount of information on the internet and library materials. To with stand critics, James can set goals and strategies that he would actively apply, thus placing him on a high degree of college level self-regulation. This model will brew the ingredients necessary for academic success.

Upon root problem ascertainment, the plan for recovery is clearer. Unfortunately, not all plans succeed. However knowing what you want lessens the intensity of the task. James wants to recover from his academic downfall. The rewards that will follow this awakening are to graduate from college and purse a career in the field of engineering. Therefore, taking this path to recovery is not option. Dealing with disappointments is something that comes with the trauma of academic probation. There is a way that our mind work when recognizing difficulties. A student is plagued if they fail to deal with such disappointments. Nonetheless, absenteeism, handing in assignment past the due date, and bad time management skills are signs of academic failure that leads to academic probation problem.

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