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Your solution to counterfeiting and infringement in Morocco

Author: Abeis Cabinet
by Abeis Cabinet
Posted: Oct 10, 2017

Counterfeiting and Infringement are the two different incidents of the same genus but of different species. Counterfeiting is misleading the buyers of an article by imitating the original product and making them believe that they are buying the original product. Infringement is making marks that confuse a person to distinguish from the genuine mark. You can consult an attorney to guide you with anti-counterfeiting and trademark infringement in Morocco.


Counterfeiting is a major problem in Morocco. Counterfeited products are sold at a fraction of the genuine retail price and hence attract the customers more. It not only results in the losses suffered by the company but also brings the company’s reputation down.

With no anti-counterfeiting solutions, it becomes difficult to keep a check on the counterfeiting activities and to protect the brand from unauthorized distribution. The online solutions can help you to keep a track of the buying and selling of the products in the market. With the help of smart search agents, you can monitor the market activities. You can detect the data from rogue websites which are specially created for counterfeiting activities and get a detailed record of the unreputed sellers and products. These anti-counterfeiting solutions provide means to close all the gaps in the gray market that lead to this forgery.

Trademark Infringement

A trademark distinguishes your company from other companies. It can be a phrase, symbol, picture or a slogan that helps the customer to identify a particular product. In case your product has started to do well in the market, another person employing your trademark can jumble up and cause you a loss of revenue. This is called trademark infringement.

You can appeal the state court. It will be considered valid only if you can ascertain that someone is using the same or similar trademark which has or can lead you to some loss. The loss can be in terms of financial or goodwill. The secondary providers may even extend their product line, which may cause a problem for the real company’s reputation and what they have to offer.

These are very serious issues a company needs to take care of. How can you protect yourself from such fraudulent activities? Certainly, talking to intellectual properties attorney will guide you about the laws that associate with trademark infringement and give you anti-counterfeiting solutions.

Your brand name is your biggest asset. It gives you a considerable amount of sale and so protecting yourself from trademark infringement or having anti-counterfeiting solutions is a must. This necessitates you to choose the most reliable company in Morocco that gives you personalized services with best quotations to protect, defend and maintain your singularity.

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