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5 Places Where Coffee Vending Machines Can Be Setup

Author: Sameer Tendulkar
by Sameer Tendulkar
Posted: Oct 12, 2017
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The coffee vending machines are very helpful for a fast cup of refreshing coffee, and with the advancement of technology the coffee vending machines are used to prepare coffees with different styles like mochas and lattes, ground drip coffee, fresh-grind coffee etc. If you are thinking of buying a vending machine but not sure will it be useful for your place, then you can go through the below list to understand the best places where coffee vending machines should be fitted.

5 Best Locations where Vending Machines can be setup are as under:


The poolside area and clubhouse of apartments are a great place for fitting vending machines since the community members keep visiting such areas. These are the areas with highest traffic and so the sales would be enough to maintain the services at your apartments.


Hotels are the most lucrative vending locations and operators are always happy to have them as a customer. The vending machines at such areas like hotels produce enough revenue as there are multiple customers and they may not have easy access to food and beverage services. So the hotel customers are more inclined to use the coffee vending machines.

Construction Sites

Sites with hundreds of workers employed on site every day, the vending machines are the most popular option. Many workers use them to prepare their instant coffee to keep them going throughout the day. The coffee vending machines are the cheapest and easiest way for the onsite workers to keep them refreshed and energetic. Therefore, construction sites are a prime location for vending services.


Whatever is the business, an office with few employees is a great location for a vending machine. Apart from the employees, the offices are places where customers keep coming and going for various reasons, so the vending machines are a very lucrative option for office space. The vending machines are used popularly at such places.

Retail Stores

The vending machines are a popular choice at retail stores, most retail workers want to have snacks and something refreshing to drink during their breaks and so vending machines are ideal for such places. And the machines will get more response if they are kept open for customer use also.


The tea, coffee vending machines are certainly the best option for a quick and refreshing cup of tea or coffee at the place of your choice.

If you are looking to purchase a tea vending machine or coffee vending machine for your property, you can place an order with Hot Comfort, an eminent supplier of tea coffee vending machines in Mumbai.
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