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5 Wonderful Widgets For Courier Drivers

Author: Laura Jeeves
by Laura Jeeves
Posted: Oct 16, 2017

Everyone loves a good office gadget – even if your office is a vehicle! In this article, I’m looking at five tech-oriented inventions, which make perfect companions when you’re out and about on courier jobs. From a perfect cup of coffee to a luxurious Heads-Up Display, these will make great gifts for friends in the industry. But why not treat yourself first?

Handpresso Wild Espresso Maker

This first gadget is a bit of an indulgence, although it might seem like a necessity if you’re a coffee fanatic. Handpresso’s espresso machine is totally portable, so you can wave goodbye to watery cups of service station coffee once and for all. It can be used with your favourite ground variety or with branded pods. No matter where you are, all you have to do is add hot water from a flask to produce a steaming cup of high-quality coffee.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Carchet has released an easy-as-pie tyre pressure monitoring system, consisting of four sensors that detect pressure and temperature. These sleek sensors link to a monitoring display, which has a digital screen that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket. You can keep an eye on your tyres throughout your courier jobs, knowing the display will alert you if there is a problem.

A Heads-Up Display

If you want a taste of extravagance without spending thousands on a new car, consider purchasing Navdy’s Heads-Up Display. Though many luxury cars come furnished with this kind of technology, Navdy has developed an after-market device that you can mount yourself. Providing navigational information as well as statistics about your route, such as speed limits, this widget is a firm friend on the road. Thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to your messages and accept or decline calls simply and safely.


A Dashcam is a sound investment for anyone who’s regularly out on the road and carrying out courier jobs. The Z-Edge Dashcam shoots 30 frames a second, and turns itself on and off with the car itself. Dashcams not only capture some beautiful footage of your awesome delivery routes, but also protect you legally in the event of an accident by helping to verify who is responsible.

Devium Dash

If you want to have easy and safe access to your phone’s applications and music whilst on the road, the Devium Dash is the nifty dashboard platform mount for you. The Devium Dash is compatible with all smartphones and connects to your stereo system. A real selling point is that your phone will charge during use, so you’ll never be stranded in the middle of nowhere without your favourite tunes. The Devium Dash also enables you to use the hands-free functions on your phone for calls and messages.

I hope that some of these wonderful widgets will help make your everyday courier jobs a little easier – and maybe a little more luxurious!

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Author: Laura Jeeves

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