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Updated Apple Store Guidelines and Play Store Guidelines that an application developer should know!!

Author: Ankit Jain
by Ankit Jain
Posted: Oct 23, 2017

A mobile application developer must know what are the recent updates and changes are made in the App Store and Play Store to keep in records our capabilities and match recent updates having in the Stores. As every developer have a connection with the store to submit their applications on the particular stores so that users can fetch and use the application from theirs. Hence, it is very important to know the updates and changes made in these two Stores, where all kind of applications are available and provide an excellent application to the users.

Here we come up with some of the Apple Store and Google Play Store Guidelines which a developer must know and create the applications accordingly. There are many review guidelines provided by the Apple Store which keeps you aware of what kind of application that a developer must develop to provide users a safe and secure way to explore the applications. Also, have Guidelines for developers which will tell them what are the new technologies serving in the marketplace, that keeps them updated and let them know the real fact and figures of the online market.

To know more about us:

Apple Store Review Guidelines which a mobile application developer must know depends on five key sectors:

1. Safety provided by the developers to users2. Business integration to make payment through the application3. Designing all the logos and code consists of HTML5 Gaming and Bots4. Legal terminologies5. Performance of the application

Apple Store Guidelines for developers to remain connected with their latest technologies serving in the market.

1. The foundation term PersonNameComponentsFormatter to check grammar, spelling, punctuation and much more.2. The Core service which contains Encoding variants with Big-5 that is a character set developed by 5 companies together.3. An API named as Core Endian which is used to make a universal binary and a type of code that can run on both Windows OS as well as macOS.4. A plug-in that enables communication with the hardware and is known as ForceFeedback, kind of control devices attached to the system.5. Another one is ForceFeedback.h which provides a public interface to the ForceFeedback implementation in macOS.

The Android developers should know the updated Launch checklist provided by Google every new week/month. Also, Google provides Developer Policy Center where they include all the policies that a developer must know.

Here we discuss some Launch checklist points with you that is important for business and development both:

1. Policies that are designed to describe the ways that an app developer should know to avoid violations.2. Releasing the build simultaneously which keeps user interest in the applications3. Make your developers account to make updates and changes you want in your application after beta release4. Have a look at the pre-launch reports, generate to identify the issues present in the application.5. Listing of your application and releasing the build of your APK which will display the descriptions, graphics, video, and screenshot of your application.

The Developer should know the policies and different Guidelines that Google share with you in every month, so the Guidelines for Developers are:

1. Developer Policy Center where the rules and regulations strive to save the value of an application.2. Payments and their methods through which the developer get the money.3. Families and COPPA will show that how the developers will showcase their trusted and quality requirement centers.4. Metadata avoid the spam listing and provide a way to boost the application5. Security provides guidelines to comply with Android system optimisation.

Canopus provide you a full-fledged solution to your application so that they can run successfully on the Apple Store and Google Play Store and also follow these Updated guidelines. Here we bring a lot of enthusiastic ways to explore the features and functionalities of your application. Canopus helps you develop a new software product all with the help of Updated guidelines that a developer must know to maintain your place in the market. All of these updates help Canopus bring a lot more feature and help in developing the application effectively and innovatively.

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Canopus Infosystems is an Iso 9001:2008 Certified Company that specializes in providing outsourced web & mobile development and testing services to clients worldwide.

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