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Horse Racing Is Surely a Sport: Sweat, Excitement, and Skills to Win The Race!

Author: Charlie Brown
by Charlie Brown
Posted: Oct 23, 2017

Horse racing is a sport for the kings. Sadly, a great horse race should last for about 2 minutes and no more. Professional horse races are grandiose affairs. Executives from national associations are present as judges. You can still find real-life kings, lords, and dukes in the Galleria. You will also see the largest communion of millionaires and billionaires in the visitor's circles.

Horse races are everything about horse breeds, training, jockeys as they are about designer wear, boutique jewelry, Italian leather shoes, and Bugattis. Equestrian sports have become a part of the high-brow living, and you are not wrong to be intimidated by the glitterati who flock the fields during the season. Check out for a close-up of the real horse race lover’s world.

How to find out more on old-school horse racing?

If you want to know more about the real horse racing circles, you can check out more online information on racing tracks, racing seasons, the best places to enjoy horse races, race schedules, and daily entrants. The best places to start are the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations Websites. They carry the latest information about racing in the USA including the Breeder’s Cup and Eclipse Award for the horse of the year.

To know about the best races and race tracks, you can check out more information from Churchill Downs Incorporated, The New York Racing Association, Magna Entertainment, The Kentucky Derby and The Breeders’ Cup websites. These websites list the latest news on national and state horse races, history of wins and connections of horses in the races. You can find the bios of both the horses and the jockeys on The Breeders’ Cup website.

What’s the deal with different kinds of horse races?

Horse racing is now a game for only thoroughbreds. Often different countries develop new rules and regulations for their national equestrian races. The leading variants include a competition of particular breeds only, races of varying distances, races involving various hurdles, ranging gaits and speed. Even though this sport had over 5000 years of evolution, the basics of the sport remain the same – the judgment of a horse's fitness based on its speed, agility, and gait.

Here are a few variants you can find all over the world

Steeplechase – long-distance horse race that requires the jockey to guide the horse over different kinds of obstacles.

Endurance races – tests the fitness and tenacity. Riders and horses need to complete races over long distances.

Combined driving – riders drive a carriage pulled by one or multiple horses.

Harness racing – the horses trot while the driver is in a sulky.

Chuckwagon racing – the four thoroughbred horses pull a chuckwagon around a track.

Thoroughbred racing – probably the most common of all equestrian races. Only thoroughbred horses can participate in this equestrian discipline.

There are many other variations of the race out of the USA. You can find more about interesting rules, quirks, and details about equestrian sports and horse races throughout the world.

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