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Unique Toilet Seats Attachments

Author: Joe Carrow
by Joe Carrow
Posted: Mar 03, 2018
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Bidet attachments are commonplace over in Europe, but here in America, they're just now gaining in great popularity. Would you believe that the Luxe Bidet mb110 fresh water spray non-electric bidet toilet seat attachment is one of the top selling toilet accessories sold online?

Consumers love the bidet attachment made by Luxe Bidets because not only do they provide the user with ultimate control over the intensity of the spray, but they’re very hygienic as well.

Toilet paper can be rough on your bottom, and if you suffer from hemorrhoids, they’re an absolute godsend to your comfort. With this particular model to the right, you can attach or detach it from any standard toilet bowl. You get the hoses, connectors and everything else included, so there aren’t any additional parts to buy. Installation is as easy as grabbing a screwdriver and spending no more than 10 minutes installing your new bidet.

This attachment turns boring bathroom seats into unique toilet seats with one easy and quick installation.

Toilet Seats for Comfort and Durability

If you want to invest in the top toilet seats that pamper your bottom, something soft for those days when you spend a little too much time on your bathroom throne, then you have a couple of different options.

Rest assured that any of the products mentioned on this site are going to be known for their durability. We’ve researched the products and consumer reviews and refuse to list anything that falls apart or is difficult to install.

So let’s move on to the comfort aspect. You can invest in something known as Comfy Covers, or you can replace your old toilet seat with a new, padded toilet seat, sometimes known as a soft toilet seat, like the one you see on the right. These come in a plethora of colors and fit both round and elongated toilet bowls.

Comfy Covers are actually washable pads that cover your unique toilet seat, providing extra cushioning for your rear. You can take them off and wash and dry them at will, and they come in several beautiful colors to match almost any bathroom décor.

Toilet Seats for Novelty Appeal - Toilet Tattoos Are What Unique Toilet Seats Are All About!

When it comes to the ultimate novelty toilet seat ideas, nothing compares to the Toilet Tattoos. Fairly new to the market, these are removable, reusable and hygienic applications you simply apply to your old toilet seat to make it look like new again!

Toilet Tattoos can be wiped clean quick and you can easily rotate the designs so you never grow bored of your bathroom décor. The decorative appliqué sticks right onto your toilet lid and transforms the look of your bathroom in an instant.

It’s easy to install the toilet tattoos on your lid. You just peel it away from the card, place it on the lid and smooth it out. It’s made of vinyl, so when you remove it, it’s not going to leave a sticky, gooey residue. And here’s the greatest thing about the unique toilet seats that are really just accessories for your old lid – you can buy them for toilet seat

This little invention won the 2008 retailers’ choice awards and consumers are going nuts over them. The three most popular designs are the skull, shown to the right, Frogs in the Moonlight, and a Koi Fish Pond design. But they also have tons of other designs, including flamingos, coral reefs, retro looks, hot lips, and a ton of beautiful designs that look like artwork – as well as many holiday themed Toilet Tattoos.

My advice is to buy one for every month of the year!

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