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Nasofilters- The best respiratory masks in India

Author: Naso Filter
by Naso Filter
Posted: May 14, 2018
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Respirators are devices used to safeguard humans from the harmful pollutants, particulate matter, microorganisms and various airborne diseases. The first ever respiratory masks were used during the World War I to protect troops from asphyxiation and deadly chemicals that led to a huge number of deaths. The face masks reduced the death toll to a great extent by limiting the toxic air entering the human body.

Respiratory masks are generally categorised as air-purifying respirators, which cleans the contaminated air through a filtering section and air-supplied respirators, which provide an alternate supply of clean air to the user. All the different varieties of face masks available in the market primarily have a face piece that covers the nose (and sometimes the mouth) having an adjustable strap and a cloth harness or other techniques. The commonly used respro masks in India are half-face respirators or full-face respirators, and are used according to the degree of the hazard or the level of protection required. The half-face respro maskscan be worn by those working with spray paints or certain chemical solutions while the full-face respro masks can be used by those working with hazardous gases like chlorine gases.

An important leap has been taken in this field by a team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, (Delhi) with an innovative product which is an accomplishment in itself. The device is named as ‘Nasofilters’ which will soon be sold by Nanoclean Global Pvt. Ltd. It makes use of nano technology to shield against the detrimental effects of pollutants generated from large-scale mining, emissions from industries, and discharge from vehicles. It is the best respiratory mask in India with an agglomeration of minute pores that form a flexible membrane. The huge number of pores per unit area ensures 95% efficiency against contaminants and microorganisms. The equipment is the most cost-effective respiratory mask in India which comes at a cost of Rs 10 per piece. Its unique technology and affordable price makes it the best selling respro masks in India compared to other air filters sold in the market. The avant-garde device has earned a National award from the former president of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee for the remarkable invention.

It provides superior fit and comfort for 8 hours without any uneasiness. The air filter can be worn by workers in chemical or paint industries and in construction sites. It can be used by children outdoors (in playgrounds) or indoors to restrict foreign matter. Besides, it plays a major role in relieving asthma patients or those suffering from chronic respiratory illnesses. The respiratory filters can be worn in all kinds of weather conditions and are almost invisible from a distance. They are really convenient to wear for long hours at a stretch. The nasal filter shields from harmful suspended particles that cause allergies, heart problems, respiratory disorders and lung diseases. This invention was chosen in the Top 50 Global Tech companies in K-start-ups Grand Challenge 2017, held in South Korea from among 1515 teams across the world.

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Nasofilters is the most affordable and reliable solution to all the respiratory ailments faced by humans as it guards against the harmful contaminants and toxic chemicals, thereby preventing many heart and respiratory diseases.

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