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Five important things iOS does better than Android

Author: Info Campus
by Info Campus
Posted: Oct 27, 2017

The web is loaded with words about Android and iOS and why one is superior to the next. It makes for entertainment only written work and perusing on the grounds that everybody likes to find out about why the thing they incline toward is superior to anything the thing they don't. be that as it may, there are some imperative things each working framework improves the situation than the other.

Ideally, Apple and Google would consolidate and the outcome (Gapple?) would make programming with the best from the two sides. Since that is never going to happen, we should take a gander at five imperative things iOS improves the situation than Android.


The way Android and iOS are refreshed is altogether different. Google utilizes Play Services to deal with a considerable lot of the security and application similarity parts of Android, and iOS refreshes do exclude each element for more seasoned models. In any case, there is still no denying that updates are dealt with on iOS superior to anything they are on Android.

At the point when Android is refreshed, just telephones from Google that are as of now bolstered can expect a refresh. Those telephones are a little bit of Android gadgets in nature. It's troublesome for Google to compel another organization to send a refresh in light of the fact that Google doesn't manufacture Android: it just gives the source code to different organizations who fabricate it themselves. Once the code is refreshed Google can do no more.

That doesn't change the way that most Android telephones are utilizing old programming. It's the blame of the organizations making the telephones, yet the fault will dependably fall on Google.

Garbage applications

In the event that you purchase an iPhone from Verizon you won't need to shroud the VZ Navigator application. The same can't be said for a Galaxy S8.

The little odds and ends a telephone needs to chip away at Verizon are incorporated with iOS a similar way they are incorporated with Android. In any case, the client confronting applications that you won't not need utilize are definitely not. Google has nothing to do with how Samsung constructs the product outside of the things required to utilize Google Play. That implies Samsung and Verizon can make bargains that abandon you with garbage you would prefer not to utilize. It's anything but difficult to never utilize the applications and disregard them in the application drawer, however observe the information they gather and send back to Verizon, which is presently allowed to pitch it to anybody it enjoys. We're singling out Verizon, however the same goes for each transporter and their junky applications.

Google's telephones chip away at any transporter and don't experience the ill effects of the bloatware, however that is on the grounds that Google manufactures Android themselves for the Pixel. This present each other's of those things Google isn't specifically doing yet despite everything it gets rebuked for in light of the fact that it is responsible for Android. That is a piece of running a demonstrate this huge, G.


AppleCare is incredible. When you have an issue with your iPhone you can simply stroll into an Apple store and have it dealt with (along these lines AppleCare). Since Android telephones originate from such a large number of various organizations, there is no comparable on the Android side.

Not that the organizations making the telephones aren't putting forth something. They all have their own client mind office, and even the Pixel has a way that gives you a chance to converse with a genuine live human on the off chance that you have an issue or need some assistance. Samsung is extending a retail nearness in the west, yet it's off by a long shot to the AppleCare encounter.

One organization is responsible for everything on an iPhone and it offers better help, period. This turns into a vital factor when you're purchasing a telephone that costs near $1,000.


Apple's iMessage is both the best and most exceedingly bad informing application to ever be made. It's a consistent procedure out of the container that gives you a chance to send messages or messages with rich substance without introducing anything. Be that as it may, it just takes a shot at Apple gadgets.

Google has attempted and fizzled at reproducing this on numerous occasions. The most compelling motivation is that it needs an answer that works wherever on everything, not simply Android. The Hangouts application could do it, yet the cumbersome interface and need to physically introduce it implied a great many people utilizing Android weren't hanging out and Google is pushing it far from the buyer side. Allo is an extraordinary ordeal between two Android telephones yet does exclude SMS so you can just converse with individuals who utilize Allo. What's more, both applications were an intense pitch to iPhone clients since they have iMessage and it as of now works.

Google, please overlook iOS for once and simply make an informing application that works incredible on Android and Chrome OS. Hurl in an incredible Chrome expansion for desktop clients on the off chance that you can and call it gold. At that point drive organizations like Samsung to incorporate it and put the symbol on the home screen so individuals know it's there. A few things merit battling the EU over. You as of now have a decent begin with Allo.

Security and protection

Apple gathers information from everybody who utilizes iOS and makes a decent showing with regards to of keeping it unknown and in-house. Google does likewise, paying little mind to what you may read from different spots. In any case, Android has some significant issues with regards to security and protection.

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