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Most Fascinating Facts about Astrology

Author: Karan Gupta
by Karan Gupta
Posted: Oct 30, 2017

Astrology is a divine science of the study of stars and planets so as to predict what effect they have on our life on present time. We are sent on earth with a purpose and were given a particular time span at the time of our birth. It is believed that the stars would never be same as they were when an individual took birth. Astrology helps us in making the most of the time given to us. Consult the best astrologers in Mumbai. There are some amazing facts about Astrology you should know!

Have a look at fascinating facts about astrology:

  • It is believed that around 70% of the astrology readers are women. You may find the most of the women’s magazines equipped with astrology corner and women religiously follow the astrology column of the magazine.
  • Astrology claims that moon creates the same impact on the human bodies as it creates on the ocean bodies. This is believed because the human body is also made up of 75% of water. If the moon can affect the ocean bodies, it can also affect the almost similar human bodies. The moon also affects the mood of women when they are on the menstrual cycles.
  • There are almost 2 million results on Google if you just type the word "astrology".
  • Hitler’s reign was predicted by an astrologer. Hitler was also a believer of astrology and used to consult
best astrologers in Mumbai before the happenings of the wars.

  • Your zodiac sign is decided by the position of the sun at the time of your birth. In some way or the other, it is believed that your zodiac sign depicts your personality and future.
  • It is believed that one’s appearance can also be depicted by their zodiac signs. There are some amazing facts about each zodiac signs which helps in depicting appearances. For example, it is believed Sagittarius people tend to have longer legs.
  • Based on your zodiac signs, you are likely to get attracted to certain colors while may not feel comfortable around the others.
  • You know where astrology was astrology utilized first? It was utilized in the countries like China, India, and Greece.
  • The win of President Obama was already predicted by an astrologer. He was destined to win the elections and get elected as the president of the nation of USA.
  • Whether you believe the magazine articles or not, but in reality, it is a fact that certain zodiac signs mingle the best with some of the other zodiac signs. It is believed that based on the elements of the sun signs and their characteristics, some zodiac signs have a tendency to engage with some. Consult the best astrologer in Mumbai before you take big decisions of your life like marriage or divorce.

Following are the interesting facts about astrology. Astrology gives you hope in the bad times and signals that soon you will outshine from others. Consult the best astrologers in Mumbai and win the race of time.

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