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New Ideas of Magnesium Oxide Industry

Author: Allen Hu
by Allen Hu
Posted: Nov 04, 2017
pain points

The pain points are refers to that consumer’s original expectations are not met and caused the psychological gap or dissatisfaction. Pain points marketing is a marketing tool for consumers’ pain points.Pain points marketing, is to do marketing for the before differential positioning.

First of all, magnesium oxide manufacturers should intensify effort to production and supply service only, which can meet the pain points of customers. Secondly, study the products and services which are provided by competitors, then through researching and improving make it become ourselves new products and services. Third one, looking for the customers’ paint points, then to meet them by ourselves. It may be the pain points customers already had, also may be the paint made by themselves.

There are many presuppositions to look for customers paint points. Firstly, magnesium oxide suppliers and manufacturers should fully understand of themselves products and service. Secondly to fully understand of competitors products and service. With the continuous development of science and technology, we entered a time of real-time interaction and information transfer fast. Among them, WeChat got the favour of many people as the most popular social networking software in nowadays. At the same time, more and more magnesium oxide supplier had know the advantages of WeChat in marketing, now began to using it. Thirdly, magnesium oxide manufacturers should fully understand of consumer’s psychological. Above this, make us to know where is the paint points of customers, and to know whether ours or competitors products and service can meet the needs of customers preferably.

What’s more, There are many advantages of WeChat sales for many enterprises.

WeChat sales as a kind of media, can make the electronic company brochure, whose display form, function, cost and other aspects have outstanding advantages than paper brochures. The second, it is convenient to carry, no matter where you are and whenever you want, you can open to see on the premise of WIFI.

As the pioneer enterprise, Meishen Technology had started trying to WeChat sales. Below it the 2D barcode of Meishen company, if you are interested in it, then RichScan directly. It’s worth noting that the default language are Chinese, but you can browse the pictures of company, factory, products, sales team, certifications and so on.

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Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer.

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Author: Allen Hu

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