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Laser Consumables: Sharpen the Sword for Superior Cuts!

Author: Steven Glassner
by Steven Glassner
Posted: Nov 06, 2017

LASER: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. This technology is largely applied in the manufacturing and metal fabrication works. Millions of dollars are invested in the technology for the quick and accurate production of industrial goods on a large scale.

The instrument is under high tension while in operation and undergoes extreme stress which results in wear and tear of the components. For the laser cutting to function without fatigue, the laser consumables and spare parts need to be maintained and require an expert supervision. The feasibility and efficiency of the production solely lies on the shoulders of these components.

For the supreme performance of the guns which ignite the fire, you need to have highest quality, most durable, economically feasible and easily replaceable laser consumables.

So, it is obvious that top quality machinery requires top quality consumables. But the question is, what are the most important consumables which need special care for the sophistication that you require for your gun to be blazing to melt the metal?

Let us find out!


Nozzle is that part of a laser cutting machine which fires the amplified laser beam on the material. A defective nozzle would make it difficult to concentrate the laser beam's energy on the required spot.

The nozzle has to be OEM Certified, value priced, Chrome plated and available for contact and non contact height regulation system.

Mitsubishi Laser Consumables provide a unique one piece nozzle design which reduces nozzle catering and prevents buildup of slag.

Bend Mirrors

Bend mirrors or laser mirrors are reflective coatings designed for laser reflection. The hard, durable, dielectric multilayer coating ensures high reflection and damage threshold. Generally, these mirrors are mounted at 45° to the beam direction and are always under high stress deflecting the powerful laser beam and delivering it to the nozzle.

They are the key factors in laser machine's productivity and performance. The OEM bend Mirrors are capable of reflecting precise beam quality which provide consistent power to the cut and lets you achieve higher edge quality.

Break Away Bolts

Break away bolts are specially designed to have a low break point at the head to minimise the impact of damage. These bolts break when unwanted pressure is exerted on the laser machine. Break away bolts reduce costly repairs due to crashes.


The quality and durability of most laser consumables are directly related to the health and safety of the technicians and staff the work in the vicinity of the laser cutting machine. It is important that they are replaced when needed for ensuring maximum efficiency.

The dust collector filters are made from high quality components which captures the finest particles by the laser machine.

In addition to these dust collector filters, the cooling system of the laser machine too requires water filter to keep the equipment free from contamination which otherwise can lead to corrosion and breakdown in the cooling system. The timely replacement of the filter will ensure the productivity of the machine at its peak.


The goal is to cut the metal deep with powerful laser beam. You need to sharpen this sword regularly, to triumph, to ensure superior cuts. Sophisticated laser machines require top quality consumables. The highly tensed products such as the nozzle, lens, bend mirrors, resonator optics, insulators, filters etc are the basic consumables which demand expert supervision for ensuring higher rate of production.

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Alternative Parts, Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Amada Machinery.

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