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5 Key Steps to Successfully Launch Your New Product

Author: Damien Justus
by Damien Justus
Posted: Nov 07, 2017
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In business, marketing takes up a more significant percentage of the costs. When you introduce a new product, you have to direct more funds to launching the product. While it may be quite a task to introduce a new product, it is essential to implement various tactics for success. The following are steps you should follow for a successful product launch.

Understand your Competition

The first step is paying attention to what your competitors have to offer. You can perform a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. It will help you determine the suitability of your product to the current market comparing the competitors' products. One great way to do this is preparing a list of companies that offer similar products to the one you intend to introduce.

As much as your product features could be unique and non-competitive, it is essential to understand what your prospective clients might prefer. Once you identify your competitors, visit their websites, check their ads and other marketing channels they could be using. Analyze your product comparing what's already on the market, what factors will help you excel and which companies will stand in your way.

Identify Your Target Customers

It is essential to concentrate on your target market, their needs and preferences before presenting your product. Identify customers that are currently buying a similar product but would value the additional features of your new one. This way, you can reach prospects that have a perceived need for what you have, go ahead and buy it without having to force them into it.

On this note, you should be clear about what you should offer and still stand out from your competitors. Also, identify the unique value proposition and why the customers would prefer buying from you. In short, your product or service package should adequately meet the needs of your target customers.

Outline Your Marketing Tactics

This crucial stage in launching your product includes evaluating the marketing channels at hand and choosing what suits your specific product. This could be online marketing or using dealers. It is advisable to incorporate multiple channels for more sales and create a demand for your new product. Online channels include websites and social media platforms. To manage your sales, deliveries, and feedback, you can install a Stream Processing tool to manage data efficiently and keep a tab on all your sales.

Test Your Approach

With a ready product and a comprehensive report on your target market, it is essential to test your marketing approach. At this stage, you ought to verify your product brand, the message, and your marketing materials. It will depend on the specific market audience and your business tools. You can sample a small group of target customers and distribute your product for sale. From that, you can go ahead and create your marketing tools.

Introduce the Product

This stage involves setting out your product to the public. You could place articles and search for media interviews. Another great way to reach out is to hold an event and offer free access by the public. You will aim to advertise your product, get interested parties to review the features and possibly start sales.

Once you start publicizing your product ensure it is ready for purchase and in adequate quantity. Ensure you run your marketing tactics at the same time to build maximum interest from the public. Additionally, ensure you monitor results from all your channels to outline any challenges you could be facing.

While introducing a new product or service, be sure to follow the above steps for positive results. Understand your products’ cycle and work towards maintaining it. That is, ensure the marketing channels are active and the product is ready for purchase. Additionally, pay attention to feedback from your events, social media sites, and other channels to point out issues for prompt measures. Most importantly, ensure your product launch is in line with your business goals for sustainability.

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