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What to Consider When Buying Individual Health Insurance in Alberta

Author: Benedict Kemper
by Benedict Kemper
Posted: Nov 13, 2017

When it comes to individual health insurance in Alberta, there are two things to consider. First, do you have any coverage through your work? If you do, then you only need to get enough insurance to top up your coverage. If not, you need to get a more comprehensive plan to cover your needs.

Either way it’s possible to get affordable individual health insurance in Alberta. This because of the range of products available from several sources. Even if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you can get affordable coverage through a product called a health spending account (HSA).

Types of Affordable Individual Health Insurance in Alberta

A basic plan typically covers some vision, prescription and dental costs to help offset medical costs that are not covered by the province.

You’re probably aware of what dental benefits are in an individual health insurance in Alberta. They range in cost depending on the type of coverage you get and which company you get it from. You can purchase a policy that covers only preventative dental care such as cleaning and fixing cavities, or a more comprehensive plan with coverage for orthodontics.

Depending on the health of your teeth this may not be a product you need. Thus, the multitude of options regarding individual health insurance in Alberta works for your benefit. But it’s important to shop around due to the diversity of coverage and pricing.

However, you may not know about critical illness insurance. Below we’ll take a brief look at this type of individual health insurance in Alberta.

Individual Health Insurance in Alberta – Critical Illness

Critical illness (CI) insurance offers coverage in the form of a tax-free lump sum payment when the policyholder is diagnosed with an illness. There are numerous illnesses covered under this type of policy. Including cancer, and heart disease. It’s available as a product on its own, or as a life insurance rider.

What’s is ideal about this coverage as an individual health insurance product in Alberta is it offers financial freedom for a spouse or family member to care for you while you’re ill. They don’t have to lose income by taking a leave of absence from their job.

Individual Health Insurance in Alberta – Health Spending Account (HSA)

First, what is this insurance product? It provides reimbursement for many health-related expenses, over and above regular benefits. The guidelines are administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Since this type of individual health insurance in Alberta is managed by the CRA, employees and their dependents are defined in the Income Tax Act of Canada.

Individual Health Insurance in Alberta - What is Covered Under an HSA?

You can claim any item or service allowed under the Income Tax Act of Canada as a medical expense. Coverage is available for unpaid expenses or balances not covered by another benefit plan. As well, balances that aren’t reimbursed on extended health care plans or dental such as coinsurance and deductible amounts are eligible.

To find out more about individual health insurance in Alberta or to get a quote you can visit our website.

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