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Tying The Tiers: Tips For The Perfect Chocolate Wedding Cake

Author: Divine Specialties
by Divine Specialties
Posted: Nov 14, 2017
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Whether you are a just starting on your bakery business, or have been at it for years, baking a tiered chocolate wedding cake can be quite challenging.

A perfect three-tiered wedding cake is a couple’s dream, a delicious edible decoration that starts off their new life with something sweet. It all comes down to a baker’s talent to make their cake-cutting experience a great one.

Baking a tiered wedding cake can seem like an intimidating undertaking—and no surprise. It takes confidence in your own judgment, combined with two or more days of dedication and organization, to complete a wedding cake. As tough as it can be, you can do it, even if you haven’t done tiers before. Prepare yourself; take up your baking notebook, and take down these tips.

The Cake…

Most wedding bakers pay attention to the décor than they do to what’s inside—the cake itself. No wonder that couple and their families are all too happy to smear it on each other’s faces, because the cake simply becomes a ceremonial placeholder rather than something to eat.

To make the perfect chocolate wedding cake, you need to start out with premium quality ingredients, preferably from a wholesaler that caters to professional bakers. Online cakes supplies’ store Divine Specialties offers a whole range of baking ingredients, including various kinds of chocolate decorations.

Test your chocolate cakes before you start the actual baking. Keep these three characteristics in your mind: the bases need to be slightly sweet, moist, and sturdy enough to support three layers. Choose chocolate that adds richness down to a single bite.

The Baking…

Line, butter and flour your pans to be completely safe. Weigh your batter before you pour it in; it is crucial that the tiers are scaled and divided for a well-standing cake.

Bake all of your cake tiers on the middle rack of the oven. It may be more time-consuming, but it is worth it to get the same texture in all layers, as well as avoid under or overcooking.

The Storing…

Freeze your cakes overnight, even if you are baking them only a day before the wedding. Make sure to wrap your cakes snugly in plastic wrap (don’t forget to keep the shape intact) before you chill them. The resulting layers will be easier to work on later.

The Filling…

Wedding cake fillings are tricky, chocolate in particular. Whether you choose chocolate ganache or chocolate buttercream, or both, make sure the consistency is not too stiff to feel like you’re chewing through mortar, and not too gummy that it becomes a mess in both decoration and consumption. Work with patience; chocolate buttercreams take time to get to that ideal "stiff-peaked" stage.

The Assembling…

Buy good quality cake circles and cake dowels (dowels are the sticks you used to as the pillars to keep your tiers in place). Use a serrated knife to even out the tiers, and an offset spatula for spreading and smoothing the icing. Make sure your cake stand is rotatable; the chances of error in assembling become minimal when the cakes move instead of you.

The Decorating

Before you spread or pipe any of your topping creams, make sure they are at room temperature. Re-whip your fillings if necessary so they that are more pliable to spread. Test your piping design on a sheet before you start decorating.

And there you go—you have your chocolate wedding cake! It was a hard, long road, but you made it, and made someone’s special day too.

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