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Learn about the top procedure provided by best chin implant surgeon

Author: Debraj Shome
by Debraj Shome
Posted: Dec 01, 2017
chin augmentation

Facial bone reconstruction and augmentation surgeries are catching up with the modern Indians who are looking for ways to look their best. Chin augmentation in India is one of the well received cosmetic surgeries that help the individuals to attain an appealing facial structure. It is also suggested by expert chin augmentation surgeons to rectify disproportionate chin structure. Chin augmentation surgery procedure involves reshaping the chin contour and size either by securing implant or by shifting and reshaping bones through orthognathic surgery. Chin implantation is dependent on other bone structures in the face. Chin to cheek proportion is a significant factor in identifying the correct shape and size of the implant to achieve the most proportionate and appealing facial structure. Learn about the chin implant surgery procedures and associated information in this article.

Who can consider undergoing chin implants?

Anyone wishing for a better chin structure can undergo chin augmentation. However, there is a ‘need factor’ for undergoing chin implant surgeries. People who are most in need to undergo chin implant surgeries are

  • Individuals who possess abnormal chin structure and excessive chin height may need this surgery to get it rectified.
  • People with asymmetric chin or asymmetric lower jaw can consider undergoing this surgery
  • People wishing to rectify or enhance jaw or teeth functionalities.

Individuals should be in good health and must have proper immune system functioning while undergoing chin implantation surgery. It is advisable not to smoke and consume alcohol, since it could impair the immune system which in turn would slow down the recovery process.

Top procedure for chin augmentation – Before commencing chin implantation surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will identify the appropriate implant shape and size for the individual to attain the exact facial structure desired by the individual. Expert chin implant surgeons will recommend using the implants approved by FDA of USA. Implants used for chin augmentation are made of bio-non integral materials like silicone. Sometimes, surgeons will consider implants that are bio-integral that are made of porous materials polyethylene which is soft, flexible, medical-grade does not cause detrimental effects to the body.

The cosmetic surgeon will place the chin implants through an intra-oral incision or do a face skin incision under the chin area. Generally, silicone implants are softer and gives better contour compared to the porous polyethylene implants which are stiff. Chin augmentation surgery takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour depending upon the complexities.

Recovery – Recipients may experience mild soreness, swelling and discomfort in the chin area due to implant usage. After chin augmentation surgery, the cosmetic surgeon will suggest the individuals to keep their head in elevated position to minimize the swelling and also suggest using braces temporarily. It may take about 7 to 10 days to witness a considerable level of recovery. Liquid diet is advisable for a day or to avoid jaw movement as much possible.

India is home to some of the world renowned cosmetic surgeons and centres and that is why it is one of the most preferred destination worldwide to get a chin implant. It is important to choose a board-certified cosmetic surgeon for better results.

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The Esthetic Clinics are a chain of world class centers for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and skin, hair care. Currently the centers are in Mumbai, India. These centers are founded and headed by the internationally renowned and trained Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome and Dr. Rinky Kapoor, an internationally renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist. We offer the complete array of treatments for any abnormality affecting the face and skin.

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The Esthetic Clinic is a world class center for plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and skin, hair care. Currently it is located in Mumbai, India. It is founded and headed by the internationally renowned and trained Facial Plastic Surgeon,

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