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5 Facts About Logo Designs That Will Impress Your Customers

Author: Nidhi Dave
by Nidhi Dave
Posted: Dec 02, 2017
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Though a logo is designed to be aesthetically appealing and draw customers towards the company but it should not be the only purpose behind it. There is much more to it. Saying that, it means a logo comes with a story attached with it. There is always some kind of history or aim behind a logo design.

Be it any small, medium or large scale organization, all need to have a purposeful logo that depicts what actually the company is all about and what it is serving to the public in the market. The Graphic Design should create an impression in the minds of the customers. Professional logo design will be the best option to opt for to leave an everlasting impression on the customers and in the market.

There are 5 powerful facts about logo design which you should know that will flatter your customers:

  1. Emotional connection:

Anything which is emotionally engaging, will be viral. You need to give an emotional touch to your logo design and it should have a story attached with it. Focus on emotional quotient of the customers and you will see that they get instantly attached with your logo. This calls for a custom logo design that gives you exclusive rights on it.

  1. Simplicity is the key:

Being simple in today’s totally fashion driven era is the new trend. The more you keep will keep it simple, the more it will be remembered. It is known that simple things appeal in much far more extent than the complex ones. So whether you are creating a whole new logo design or redesigning your logo, you should bet on simplicity.

  1. Being Timeless:

Designing a logo is an important stage for any business or company. It should be kept in mind that having a timeless logo design will be the edge cutting advantage for your business. Never design a logo that turns out to be outdated within some period of its creation. It ought to be very long lasting.

  1. Typography and Color scheme:

Colors and fonts have a personality of their own. You have to be very sharp in using these two most striking features of designing a logo. Keep in mind the market trends, customers’ preferences, your niche and your products which you want to serve.

  1. Do not over innovate:

This is the extension of ‘simplicity is the key.’ You can play with innovation. It can make or break your brand identity in the market. Experimenting and creating the best and killer logo design will work miracles for your business in the market. But innovation comes with a warning! Over innovating a logo design will ruin your game. So you have to keep a balanced approach while innovating.

Designing a timeless logo is a very crucial milestone to achieve your targets. You should have a professional logo design encompassing all the above mentioned facts to get the most striking logo for your business. You can contact custom logo design company that can align all your needs in one direction of creating the out of the box logo design for you.

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Nidhi Dave is an India-based Chief Brand Influence Officer, Content contributor, Career and Workplace expert and Startup Adviser.

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Author: Nidhi Dave

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