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Elegant Buildings with Glazed Aluminium Wall Curtains

Author: Sambhav Sawhney
by Sambhav Sawhney
Posted: Dec 04, 2017

Modern-day builders have new-fangled methods of saving money on construction costs. Use of pre-designed structural units and lighter material has increased the pace for the new breed of construction workers. Indeed, why not move on to the next thing in technology is the thought prevailing in the building industry.

Sensible Change To Modern-Day Material

The introduction of lightweight construction material such as PVC and aluminium has made construction work simpler and easier. They recommend the use of aluminium honeycomb since aluminium by itself is heavy. The honeycomb structure adds to the strength and remains light due to the hollow space between the two layers of the aluminium sheet.

When used for building construction, the aluminium honeycomb structure is much lighter than conventional material. This helps improve the workability on the site and due to the easy handling, the work output remains enhanced much. For your individual needs, you can contact the Aluminium Honeycomb Core Manufacturers and tell them of your needs.

Covers Entire Building Needs

You have wall claddings and partition walls, aluminium sheets and hollow blocks. You can get most of them in standard sizes though you can have some of them custom made according to your desires. Advantages of using aluminium are as follows:

  1. Compared to fiberglass, wood, and steel, aluminium is weather resistant and handles knocks wonderfully. Wood may peel or delaminate and the fibreglass finish may fade when exposed to sunlight. Steel will not deform but it is heavy.
  2. Aesthetically, they all have their plus points. You can duplicate almost any texture with fibreglass while the vintage feel and looks of wood is undeniably good. Aluminium needs some care but gives you unparalleled looks on glazing. Steel has a polished look that you can paint in almost any colour.
  3. Except for wood, all the others are energy efficient. Fibreglass provides a cool feeling to touch as it does not conduct heat. Steel need weather seals.
  4. On the maintenance front, steel is prone to rust. So, you must buy high-quality material and do regular maintenance work. Fibreglass needs the least maintenance followed by aluminium.

Aluminium honeycomb panels and cladding have added strength and durability. They provide wonderful insulation and remain easy to handle due to their lightweight. Being light, the deadweight of the structure becomes lesser. You can have aluminium composite panel customised in a variety of colours that include metal black, shiny silver, golden lustre, and polished bronze. You can see how this changes the interiors and exteriors of your building to a great extent.

Changing The Profile Of The Building

Aluminium curtain wall is in great demand for commercial construction. Corporate offices, multinational businesses, government institutions, and private constructions have incorporated the modern designs in their buildings. For details on the designs and specifications of the various units used in the building construction, contact the Aluminium Honeycomb Sheets Manufacturers by visiting their website. It is easy to locate and you can tell them about your needs.

Making the grade is easy when you have the biggest and best supplier in India on your side. Visit their website and place your order for your new construction site.

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Author: Sambhav Sawhney

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