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Quality wood rug hangers, custom clamp designs

Author: Jeni Smith
by Jeni Smith
Posted: Dec 06, 2017
rug hanger

We offers compression style rug or tapestry hangers without knobs. Each piece is custom-made to fit your rug size. FREE shipping on rug hanger purchases over $50 for lengths less than or equal to 80 inches. Hangers greater than 80 inches are available by special request but may be subject to applicable shipping fees. Most orders ship within 5-8 days.

These original rug hangers clips are made-to-order from New Mexico and start at only $31.05. We offer both southwest and simple rug hanger designs that provide a safe way to display your beautiful hanging clips for rug. Each piece is professionally crafted and finished with multiple urethane coatings to protect the wood surface. Browse our designs below to create your own now... simply click on the link and then customize the dimension, wood, and stain options to match your specifications.

Hanging a rug using one of our unique, handcrafted rug hangers is a simple process that will leave your room feeling perfectly furnished. Hanging a custom made Zapotec rug on a beautifully carved rug hanger can give a room its own personality and style. Sunland Home Decor is here to give you the tools and the guidance to make your home decorating projects a breeze. Our rug hangers come in many color schemes and a large variety of sizes to suit just about any rug. Once you know how you want to hang your rug, it's time to size a hanger that is just a little longer than your rug. For example, if you have a 32-inch rug, the best fit for a hanger will be 36 inches. Once you have both your rug and rug hanger, it's time to get to work.

The back of a rug hanger will have a series of screws that need to be loosened. The number of screws will vary, but be sure to loosen all of them except for the ones holding the sawtooth wall hanger in place. For thicker rugs, the back clamp can be removed completely. However, you then have to realign the screw holes and put in a little more work, so it is suggested that you try simply loosening first.

Make sure that you have the correct side of your rug facing outward and begin to slide the rug into the space between the two pieces of wood that make up the rug hanger. It may be a tight fit to get the rug into place, but most rugs will fit. If your rug is particularly thin it may be necessary to slide a wedge of paper or even cardboard into the gap so that the rug fits snugly.

After the rug is completely in place and centered on the rug hanger, tighten all of the screws until the rug will not move when lightly tugged.

Decide where you want the rug to hang and carefully mark the spots on the wall where a screw will be inserted in which to secure the rug hanger. IMPORTANT: Be sure to screw into a wall stud where possible. If no wall studs are available, you must use drywall anchors that are rated to hold, at a minimum, the total combined weight of your rug and wall hanger. Be sure that the screws will align with the hanging teeth on the rug hanger. When the spots are marked and level, secure the screws in marked spots on the wall.

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