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How to take care of your rug to increase its longevity?

Author: Ankush Dharwal
by Ankush Dharwal
Posted: Apr 22, 2014

There are many types of rugs available and they can be made by both machines as well as hands. It does not matter the size, shape or other manufacturing properties, all rugs can be used for a long time if it is handled with care and kept clean.

The rugs are manufactured in different ways. So, it can be possible that some of them do not have the materials or the chemicals which will give protection so that it does not soak spills into fibers. For these kind of products various sprays are available which have those chemicals. You do not have to worry if you buy products which already have the chemicals.

Advantages of Rug Pad:

Rug pads are mainly used to prevent the slippage problem. There are various types of rug pads available, but you have to choose according to the rug you have. Usually they are not harmful to the floor. If your rug pad is equal to your rug in size, then it will cause problems. Besides, they may be stretched highly. So, make sure that they are at least 1 inch short in every side.

Rug pads prevent both hand knotted and machine made products from tearing. Generally, rug pads are selected according to the floor where the rug is used. For the floor or, hard surfaces you can use these:

Non Slip Cushion Rug Pad:

This product is used such as it will cover the whole area of the rug.

Premium cushion:

It is used to prevent the slippage problem of larger rugs. They can be used for large and small but it will work perfectly for larger rugs.

Gripper Tape:

This tape is used along the edges and it is applied on the rugs. This is more useful to small size rugs and no harm will be done to the floor using this.

Non slip reversible pad:

Non slip reversible rug pad had adhesives and that should apply to the rugs after peeling the plastic backing.

Premium reversible:

These are for larger rugs and it is thick and a good useful pad. Rug pads which can be used on carpet are as follows:

  • Premium Reversible Pad
  • Non Slip Reversible Pad.

Crinkling, odors may present in your rug when you buy it. But these problems can be solved easily if you vacuum it. It will look good and attractive if you let it breathe and lay your rug flat. However, if you cannot solve these problems and if you are not satisfied with the product then you may ask for refund.

How to keep clean:

To keep it clean, you can follow these steps:

  • Vacuum your rug every week. This will remove the dirt from your Rugs.
  • The floor should be kept clean by sweeping. If you do not sweep your floor regularly,
  • then it may become dirty and the dirts will damage your rug.
  • Make sure least dust is coming through the furnace and AC filter. You should change the filter as soon as it fails to work properly.
  • Some people do not leave their shoes before entering and this is a bad habit because when we come from outside a lot of dust come with us and they can make the rug dirty.
  • These should be kept in mind because if there is dirt in the room, then fibers of the rug’s can be filled with the dirt. You should also protect your rug from sunlight, moths and beetles of carpet.

    Moths can use your rug as their nest. If you are using your rug in storage rooms or such areas then you should beware of them. Your favorite rug can be destroyed by carpet beetles because they feed off of the fibers of your rug. Also the color of the rug may become faded if it remains in contact with the sunlight directly for several times. Besides, the face of the rug should be altered after some days because if you do not alter it or rotate it, then the color of one side will look more faded than the other side and this will look odd.

    How to choose Rug cleaners:

    There are professional rug cleaners available who will clean your rug so that it may last longer. Rugs can be made from different types of raw material like wool, cotton, synthetic fibers. When you choose Rug cleaner be sure they are well experienced as they might have the ability to identify specific raw materials of your rug easily.


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