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Is Onshore Testing Better Than Offshore Pen Testing?

Author: Jessica Cyrus
by Jessica Cyrus
Posted: Jul 21, 2019
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Companies worldwide have realized the importance of penetration testing in determining the success of Software or an application. The fact is that pen testing can help you detect errors and loopholes and prevent your Software from becoming a potential hacking means. While the importance of pen testing cannot be neglected, the dilemma of choosing between onshore and offshore software testing company remains.

Offshore service providers thrive because of the benefits they offer. This would include the cost, talent, turn-around time, etc. With onshore testing, you might have to compromise on certain aspects; but, you can be sure of what is happening. This blog will provide the positives and negatives of both onshore and offshore software testing.

Onshore Pen Testing

Onshore testing refers to a situation where the company developing or owning the Software avails services of a partner based in the same country to test the developed product. In some cases, it might also refer to the company establishing an internal testing centre in the same country. When you compare the services of an onshore and an offshore software testing company, the scope of work is pretty much the same. Both the parties would be doing similar work with the difference of location.

In terms of the positives, onshore testing allows the development company to monitor the work personally and have a greater control on how the work progresses and what the outcomes are. A continuation of this benefit is the contact the teams can have. With an onshore partner or onshore team, testers and developers can practically connect easily because there is no time difference. So, if a tester encounters a problem, he or she can resolve the issue at the same time without having to wait which would affect the productivity.

In terms of the negatives, onshore testing might prove to be costlier than offshore services because of the differences in taxation and currency value. For example, a company in the U.S. might get better results in terms of money by associating with an offshore software testing company in India because of the value of the dollar against rupees and also taxes. Continuing the same example, onshore testing has limited talent availability in comparison to the salaries. You can get talented testers at a fraction of the cost than what you would be spending in acquiring and grooming professionals onshore.

Offshore Pen Testing

Offshore pen testing is often confused with outsourcing. In a way, it can be considered a branch of outsourcing but is not necessarily the same. A multinational company with offices in multiple countries might engage in offshore business which is not really outsourcing. Now, with offshore pen testing, there are many advantages and disadvantages as well. Here, we will be discussing the major points that can influence your decision in selecting onshore or offshore software testing company.

In terms of the advantages, offshore testing can be both costs efficient and more effective. The cost factor is the same as discussed above in the negatives of onshore testing. In terms of effectiveness, third world countries have emerged as reliable outsourcing partners with exceptional talent. Many giants have relied on and grown with talents from these countries and when you opt for offshore testing, you get the benefit of availing services of brilliant testers.

In terms of disadvantages, the biggest barrier is communication. Though technological advances have limited the barriers they still exist. Because of the physical absence, your offshore partner might not take you that seriously or might not be able to communicate with you in case of emergency work issues. Additionally, in offshore testing scenarios, there can be accessibility issues which are difficult to manage because of reasons like peak time, downtime, etc.

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There is no right or wrong between onshore and offshore testing. It all depends on the outcomes you expect, the result you get, the risks that you are willing to take, and the investments that you are ready to make. A better vision on these parameters will help you choose a company whether onshore or offshore that will elevate your Software and eliminate worries that would erupt if the Software has vulnerabilities. To share your opinions or thoughts on the topic, feel free to write a comment.

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Jessica Cyrus has started her career as a QA- Engineer at Nexsoftsys,which is a software consulting company.

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