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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Videos For Learning

Author: Damien Justus
by Damien Justus
Posted: Dec 08, 2017
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Videos are becoming useful in different activities. A key area they have an impact on is learning. Traditionally learning could take place when the student and instructor were interacting physically. However, with the recent technology advances, this now is not necessary. The instructor can send learning material to the student, and the learning can happen in their absence. On top of this, videos have revolutionized learning in other different ways.

1. A Person Can Learn Whenever They Want

Technology advancements play an important role in enabling people to access learning material whenever they want to and irrespective of their location. However, this could not happen if there was no good learning material to access. Videos are an effective learning material. It is because the learner can see and hear what they need to learn. For example, an instructor can prepare one on how a learner should perform a specific laboratory experiment. It would be easier for a learner to follow the steps in the recorded video compared if they were written down. When preparing the videos, it is advisable that the instructor contacts subtitling agencies to help them insert subtitles in the videos. The subtitles will enable students who cannot understand the language being used to use the videos. Also, it easy and cost-effective to incorporate subtitles of different languages compared to recording the video in different languages.

2. Self-Evaluation Tool for Instructors

Most of the time only a second party will be able to evaluate the performance of an instructor. Sometimes this could lead to bias because the evaluator will award them low marks if they don’t like them. It would be beneficial if an instructor was able to view their performance and after that, they could evaluate themselves. Alternatively, the assessor could view the performance with the instructor and identify with them the areas that they need to improve. Videos will enable this type of evaluation to happen. It would be more effective because the instructors will not be able to deny the errors they make when teaching. Also, they will be able to defend the areas where they are performing well.

3. They Enhance Development of Problem Solving Skills

Videos are effective in communicating concepts because they make the process of learning to be engaging. They contain text, video, and sound. Such interactive videos foster the learning referred to as multi-sensory learning. Multi-sensory learning allows an individual to grasp the content better because they promote more cognitive connections which allow the person to understand a concept from various perspectives. The aspect is key to the development of the problem-solving skills.

4. Addresses Visual Learners’ Needs

The findings of different researchers accept the fact that different people have different learning styles. Some people can grasp content well if they just listen to it. They are known as the auditory learners. There are others who learn better by engaging in a practical learning activity; these are kinesthetic learners. On the other hand, some people can grasp content well if they can see it. These are the visual learners. Videos address their learning style, and it will enable them to grasp the concepts presented better. It is a revolution from the traditional style of learning where the different types of learners needed to adapt to one teaching this style, lecturers. The result of this was them not reaching their potential in education and to realize it they had to put an extra effort.

5. A Learner Can Learn at Their Own Pace

Unlike real-time learning, when using videos, a student can rewind it to get better a certain concept. The provision is good for the slow learners.

Videos brought a revolution in the way learning takes place. Now students can learn at their own pace, and from wherever in the absence of their instructor. Also, videos address different learning styling and promote the understanding of the concepts.

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