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Why Taxi Booking Application is Gaining Importance in 2018?

Author: Sanjay Ballav
by Sanjay Ballav
Posted: Dec 20, 2017

Nowadays taxi booking has become so easy. You just need to tap into the taxi booking application then you can easily book a taxi. This taxi booking app provides easy booking of the taxi at lower rates, the user does not have to wait for the taxi on the bus or taxi stand. These taxi-booking applications have made life easier for the user as well as the driver. There is taxi booking application development company who is developing taxi-booking applications for the users. The user can easily book a taxi sitting at their home. They can request a cab or taxi whenever they need whether it is immediate or later needs. These taxi-booking applications are developed by the taxi-booking app development company. The taxi-booking app has map integrated which helps the driver in getting the exact location of the user.

There are different modes available in taxi booking app such as:

a) User Module

b) Driver Module

c) Admin Module

User Module:

Many different modules are handled by the user. The different modules are registration module, login module, the profile module, search module, driver details module and many more. These modules define the activities of the user. The user can register themselves on the app and after registration, they can log in.They can update their profile with their name, profile photos and other options available in the update profile module. The taxi booking app consists of a map where the location of the taxi and the driver is traced. There is menu module available where the user can post ride, check the wallet or check the notification. A driver module is also available where the user can view a list of drivers with their details and reviews and choose from them. The user can view their own ride history. These were the different modules or activities which can be handled only by the user.

Modules handled by the user are:

  1. Registration module
  2. Log In Module
  3. Update Profile Module
  4. Location Module
  5. Driver details module
  6. Ride History Module

Driver Module:

There are many activities which can be done the driver. The activities are registration module. Here the driver can register themselves and after the process of registration, there is a login module, where only the registered drivers can log in. There is a notification pop-up module which notifies the latest booking or cancellation of the ride or other activities are done by the user or the admin. The update profile module is also available in the driver mode where the driver can update their profile with the latest information. The drivers can also set the current status of the ride whether it is available or not. There is a transaction management module available in the driver mode. There is a module called trip history where the driver can view the history of the rides they offered during the whole day. The taxi driver receives the payment after the end of the trip. The driver can log out of the taxi booking app whenever needed or can change the status of the ride from busy to available or vice versa. These are the different module or activities of the drivers.

Modules handled by the driver are:

  1. Registration Module
  2. Driver LogIn Module
  3. Notification PopUp Module
  4. Update Profile Module
  5. Transaction Management Module
  6. Trip History Module

Admin Module:

Admin Module is the module who controls the whole taxi-booking application or manages the ride and the customers. The admin mode also has different modules. These modules are: the admin can login into the taxi booking application or can change the password. The admin has the contact us module. The admin has the authority of the rider management where they can add a rider or remove from the list, they can manage the rider list. The admin can manage the driver list where they can see the whole list of the driver. They can also view the list of the driver who is active or inactive. They can view the status of the driver whether they are offline or online. They can add a new driver to the driver list.

The admin has the major authority of controlling this taxi booking application. They can also manage the booking list where they can view the whole list of the booking or the list of the current booking. They can manage the notification to the user as well as the driver. They can manage the vehicle type requested by the users to be booked. The fare management is also handled by the admin where they can check the fare list or add new fare to the list. They have the authority to handle the country management. They can check the list of the country where their taxi booking services are available or can add a new country to provide their taxi booking services in that country. They can manage the reviews from the driver or the users. Other modules which are handled by the admin are transaction management, Language management, promo codes management, testimonial management, Discount management and many more.

Modules handled by the admin are:

  1. Admin Login Module
  2. Rider Management Module
  3. Driver Management Module
  4. Booking Management Module
  5. Notification Management Module
  6. Vehicle Management module
  7. Fare Management Module
  8. Country Management Module
  9. Transaction Management Module
  10. Promotion Management Module

These were the modules of the taxi booking application with their respective functionalities.

How much it cost to develop a taxi app like Uber?

The Uber taxi booking application is developed many advanced technologies. It has many features and functionality. There is high demand for developing a taxi booking application like Uber. If you are planning to develop a taxi booking app like Uber then you should consider some features and functionalities of the Uber taxi booking app. Cost of developing a taxi-booking application like Uber depends upon the features and the functionalities it posses. The cost of developing a taxi-booking application varies with different taxi-booking app development company. The average cost of developing a taxi-booking application is $10,000 to $15,000. Uber taxi booking app has the highest market revenue. It is available in many countries all over the world. Uber is much more popular among other taxi booking applications. It provides a cost-effective option to book a taxi.There is the need for two different applications for the user as well as the driver.

Why is Taxi App important for the taxi app drivers?

Many taxi-booking applications have been developed nowadays. They help both users as well as the driver. The user can easily get a taxi or book a taxi. As soon the user books the taxi the driver gets a notification of the request the driver can even accept or reject the request of the ride. The driver can get the exact location of the user with the help of the map integrated into the application.

Some features of the taxi-booking app which are helpful to the drivers:

  1. GPS System: The integrated GPS in the smartphone of the user let the driver know the exact location from where the driver has to pick up the user. The passenger can share their location and the destination they need to visit. This helps the driver to track the location of the user.
  2. Status of the availability: The driver can easily change the status of the availability as soon as it receives the notification of the request of the ride from the user.

Step By Step Guide to develop a taxi booking app like Uber:

If you are planning to develop a taxi booking app like Uber then it is must that your taxi booking app has all the features and functionalities which the Uber app has. It is necessary that your taxi booking app provides the best services to the users. Some features your taxi booking app should have are

  1. Registration Module
  2. Authentication of the user
  3. Booking interface
  4. Booking Alerts
  5. Map and Location
  6. In-App payment option

The taxi booking app should have a registration module where a user or a driver can register them. After registration, the user can log in to their account. The app should have a booking interface where the user can book a ride for the immediate or the later need. The booking interface should be easy to use. The booking alerts will be shown as the notification to the drivers when a user will request a ride or book the cab for the later ride. The map is an important part of the taxi booking app. As the driver will determine the location of the user and the pickup point using this map feature. The user can easily pay for the ride through the app using the inbuilt payment option. This inbuilt payment option should be available in your taxi booking app.

This taxi booking app is very helpful for the user who needs the taxi at unknown places. Taxi booking application has become popular everywhere. This taxi booking service is beneficial for the business and tourism sector. This taxi booking app eliminates the time of waiting for a taxi to come. The user can easily book a taxi sitting at their home. The taxi will reach the pickup location entered by the user.

If you are looking to hire taxi app developer, there are many Taxi Booking App Development Company available in the tech market. They provide taxi-booking applications for the different platform such as iPhone, Android. Many features are integrated into these taxi-booking applications.

Why Choose Web Development India to Develop the Taxi Booking App?

Web Development India is a leading Taxi Booking App development company. They are expert in developing uber like taxi booking application. They are expert in developing taxi booking app for different platforms like web, Android, iOS. They have a team of developers who are expert in developing taxi-booking applicationsThey have hands-on experience in developing the best taxi booking applications for their customers. They are one of the leading taxi booking app development company.


Web Development India is best Taxi App booking app Development Company with the expert developer for hire. We have complete TAXI App Solution with source code. We have developed much Application for Taxi App. If you are looking to develop a taxi app with features similar to UBER than you can contact Web Development India.

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