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Taxi App – Counting On The Present & Counting For The Future

Author: Dan Peter
by Dan Peter
Posted: Jan 10, 2020

Today, when we talk about taxes and the methods in which we can book one, the first thing that comes to our mind is the mobile app mobile apps have become the primary methods of taxi booking today. All the credit or at least a considerable chunk of the credit has to be given to Uber.

The revolution created by over has made it mandatory for every taxi business to have a taxi booking mobile application.

Why Should A Taxi Business Consider A Taxi App

One of the greatest challenges that existed in the taxi industry was in finding the right people to use those services. On the other side, people who wanted to avail a taxi had to completely bank on the possibility of a taxi crossing on the way. yes, there were ways to book cabs by calling and then getting in touch with their network of drivers. However, this process was long and complicated, and it destroyed the very purpose of taking a taxi.

In short, it meant that you could not book a taxi if you did not see a taxi! However, this challenge was shattered and adjust effectively by on-demand location-based mobile applications for cab combining the GPS and mapping, now able to reach the exact location of the user. With this facility, the user could call for cabs to their location whenever they wanted even if they could not see the taxi!

A Less-Known Case-Study - FastTrack in India

Long before Ola and Uber marked their presence in India, or at least in South India, taxi services were synonymous with this brand called Fast Track. It was quite common for people to say ‘let's book a Fast Track’. However, they failed to hop into the mobile app evaluation yes, they had marked their presence in places that matter, like airports and railway stations. However, it was a surprise to them that by the time people stepped out of the airport or railway station, they had already booked their cab.

Today, they have created a and R trying to Slowly inch into the market that they ruled with unanimous power. This is a typical example of how you should not miss out on the latest technology in it comes on-demand services.

The Advantages Of A Taxi-Booking App

No new technology will it make an impact unless and until it has practical implications. The taxi app revolution was not just a fad. It was an actual action that helps users and drivers a lot, and in this process, creating business opportunities.

  • Hop On To The On-Demand Revolution

Remember the time during the early 2000s when every business was supposed to have a website? It is the same with mobile applications when it comes to taxi business today! Other than the fact that it contributes to business, it is rather mandatory for you to have a mobile app. It is quite possible that users will immediately go to the App Store or the Play Store and search for your brand name as soon as they see your brand being associated with taxi services.

  • Capitalize On The Omnipresence of Mobiles

Passive and precise information is any day better than active communication that might only pass vague information. When it comes to taxi booking, it might be quite a difficult task for you to talk to the driver and let them know where exactly you are. If you had in AP come up the driver can make use of the GPS signal to navigate precisely to your location.

  • Make Your Operations Efficient

Mobile applications do not only engage in the active booking of cabs. They also hold with them, a lot of information regarding the trip, the favorite destinations, the workplace and of whole lot of data that will anticipate the need for your cab. Using big data, it is quite possible for the taxi app to predict when you might need your next cab. If that is the case, taxi services make the entire process of transportation efficient and effective.

  • Enhance Customer-Loyalty

Having a taxi action downloaded on your customers’ mobile is like having a permanent channel for you to communicate with your customers. this can be used as a great tool to enhance customer loyalty. Passively, it is quite possible that customers are endorsing your brand every time they open the app to book a cab.

  • Build Your Brand Image

Come to think of it, having a taxi app is no longer a luxury. Not having a taxi app can be greatly detrimental to your brand image. Even if you were to offer the best of services, having an app for your taxi business goes a long way in building your brand image.

Benefits That It Brings You

Having a taxi booking app is not just about passive advantages but also about practical benefits. There is a lot of benefits that you can expect by bringing in a taxi booking application into your taxi booking business ecosystem.

  • Create a Robust & Transparent Feedback Mechanism

Handling feedback offline quite unorganized and it's might not translate into useful action points that you can use later. However, with the native rating and review system of the taxi booking app, you will be able to precisely pinpoint a certain issue tour particular ride and a particular driver. Continued instances of such feedback on a driver or on a route can help you take the necessary steps to curb further appointment to the customers.

  • Increase Your Earning & Revenue

When you have an app every mobile device is your potential shop. What makes it even better is that you are always available when your customer wants you to be! This is bound to positively impact your revenue and profits!

  • Make Processes Profitable

The Holy Grail of any business is profit. Mobile applications for taxi booking business can bring in a lot of profit by increasing your visibility and loyalty. Since a lot of processes like the booking of the cab and directing the driver to the pickup location are automatic, you can also save a considerable amount of money on manpower.


Apps like Uber have already established the lucrativeness of the market for mobile apps for taxi booking. Therefore, time is of vital importance when it comes to hitting the market. The best way to quickly launch your app is to use the clones of Uber. Uber clones are completely customizable and can be made to speak your language. In addition to that, you can also consider engaging white label taxi app solutions so you will at least have the minimum viable that you can call your own taxi app!


A mobile app has become a bare essential for every business and the business of taxi booking cannot be an exception. If you can find the right delivery partner in an established taxi app development company, there is a very good chance for you to enjoy the success in the market as much as big companies like Uber and Lyft have done.
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