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The Origin of Cargo Short and Cargo Pants

Author: Adnomics Tech
by Adnomics Tech
Posted: Dec 20, 2017
cargo pants

Cargo pants is also known as cargo trousers and/or combat trousers as its name was derived from their military purposes. Although it was a major trend in the fashion scene during the 1990s, its history is definitely of practical use. It provided easy access to any gear and storage solely for soldiers. These pants are typically cut loose, specifically designed for intense outdoor activities and are distinctly distinguished with their several pockets. Because of the level of convenience they bring when carrying items, it has become a popular trend in urban places. At the present time, it still serves its fashion and functional points.

The traditional cargo trousers are a pair of utilitarian khaki pants, distinguished by their cargo pockets widely different from the regular pants you commonly see outdoors. The cargo’s pocket is a type of patch that is often folded in accordion to accommodate more items inside. It is enclosed with a flap and is secured with a button, magnet, velcro or snap that is commonly seen in hunting clothes or battle dresses. Moreover, a secret pocket hidden within the leg part is seen in some cargo pants designs.

These pants are stitched ruggedly and are made of hard worn fabric. Amazingly, although they are made of hard wearing fabric, they are also synthetic quick-dry and are blended with cotton-synthetics. It also has belt loops that are wide enough to accommodate wide belts.

The garments used are particularly designed to allow free movements of the hip and the knee, which are then sewn using the felled seam for added strength and durability.

Battle dress or combats were originally worn by the British Armed Forces’ members in the year 1938. These were part of the BDUs (shortened term of Battle Dress Uniforms). Its original style has one pocket on the side of the tight part and one on the front hip. It was then introduced during the World War II to the United States of America in the 1940s. The pants’ large cargo pockets were intended to hold maps, field dressings and other items of the British forces. To accommodate more space for the extra ammunition and K rations, the idea was then copied to make the uniform of the U.S. Paratrooper.

Cargo pants have also evolved during the days. It was later introduced to the fashion world in the middle to late 1990s and are worn casually not only by the military men but also by the common men. It was first worn in a performance of an urban hip-hop. It was then a hit to the mass market, be it for ladies or men’s wear sections.

Cargo pants are then shortened and became cargo shorts which level the knee. Other cargo pants were designed having the lower leg to be detachable so it could be easily converted to shorts as per one's preference.

Another type of cargo pants is called the EMT pants. This type of cargo pants has a 6-way pocket on one or even both legs. Each cargo pocket has a secret pocket that is zippered above the cargo’s pocket. This type of cargo pants is highly innovated to make more rooms for carrying items.

For women, cargo pants are made out of softer materials or fabrics and with a variety of colors, patterns and combinations. The first evolution of cargo pants was led by Ralph Lauren, a U.S. fashion designer, who presented silk-made cargo pants as a part of his innovative runway in 1998. Moreover, the cargo pocket later appeared on skirts, jeans, capri pants, and shorts. With fashion being naturally dynamic, it was then added to shirts as well, usually seen on the chest part or between the shoulder and the elbow.

Despite the fact that cargo pants were not as trendy as they were in the year of 1990s, it still serves its functional detail in men’s clothing. Men, in today's generation, are full of vitality and are therefore active in physical activities. Most men usually wear cargo pants more fashionably than before. They are now available in varied color combinations and patterns that will surely suit different body types. This is what London Bee Clothing offers. You will surely see varied options to choose from. Comfort should be your topmost priority when looking for a cargo pants. You will surely look stylish with the casual look that cargo pants offer.

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