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Can Magento And Quickbooks Be Linked?

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: Mar 29, 2014
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Managing an online store is getting easier every day. With open source software like Magento readily available, you can tweak, update or upgrade your store easily. Managing the content and look of your online store was never easier. Create sites which are tailor-made to satisfy customer needs, without any hassles. Manage the sales and transactions of your e-commerce store with software like QuickBooks. Manage your funds, get payroll assistance, payment functions and even remotely access your store accounts with QuickBooks. These programs can help you manage your online store in every aspect. Yet the question arises: Can you integrate one with the other to further simplify your business? The answer to this question is yes. Instead of manually transferring data between the two, you can link them together. Magento QuickBooks integration makes it easier to manage your product pricing and availability.

Why link Magento and QuickBooks?

With QuickBooks you can fix the price of the product and how much is available in the stock. All your accounting needs are simplified through its inventory processes. So in essence QuickBooks is all about stock management and giving a price to the product whereas Magento is for building your e-commerce store. You can develop and design your online store with ease through the use of its templates. The largest problem many businesses run into is how to add products and their information into both accounting and store programs. Manually adding them is a lengthy and tiresome process. This is where Magento and QuickBooks integration will benefit you greatly. You can easily look up the availability of the product and track the changes in the stock after each sale with a link between the two. Managing your e-commerce website will be simplified to such an extent that all you need to do is relax and watch your business bloom.

Magento QuickBooks Integration Advantages

Most visible benefits of integrating Magento and QuickBooks is the elimination of human input. Once the processes have been defined and decided upon, they are executed automatically. You can export your online stock items with one click to your Magento online store. All the product descriptions, notes, pricing and other features stored in QuickBooks are made available to your e-commerce site. No need to manually update all the changes within the stock to your store, it is done automatically. Sales orders are created automatically once the orders are placed in your online store. QuickBooks then creates sale orders or invoices automatically once the order has been posted online. Any changes in stock are automatically updated and displayed on the website without needing any input from you. At any given of time you can easily access the history of sales and calculate the taxes, shipping charges and such.

Say goodbye to unnecessary headaches of preparing sale orders or invoices. Integrate Magento and QuickBooks for automatic generation of invoices. Not only that, but have your stock updated and products displayed in your e-commerce store correctly. Magento QuickBooks integration simplifies the management of your store and stock. Track each and every sale and keep a record of products available without any hassles.

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Author: Robert Smith
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