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Food Grade MgO and Reactive MgO

Author: Allen Hu
by Allen Hu
Posted: Dec 22, 2017
magnesium oxide

There is no doubt that magnesium oxide has a lot of applications. Recently, the food grade magnesium oxide and reactive magnesium oxide were known gradually. But the university of magnesium oxide is still not wide, many people want to know detail about can magnesium oxide be used for general food? And how about the reactive magnesium oxide? Today, a professional magnesium oxide manufacturer tell you some knowledge.

The food grade magnesium oxide can be used as magnesium element’s supplements in health care products and food, and it usually used for food additive, stabilizer for color and PH regulator. In addition, it was always regarded as the caking inhibitor and antacid to used in the field of wheatmeal, milk powder, chocolate, cocoa powder, grape fruit powder, powdered sugar, etc.

The reactive magnesium oxide is a kind of chemical raw material. It has a high chemical activity and high physical binding capability. At the same time, it also has a good sintering character, so it can help to sintered in low temperature and do not need sintering aids. Therefore, the active magnesium oxide were usually regarded as the fire retardant to add to various materials.

With the development of science, technology and national economy, the applications of active magnesium oxide become wider, the demand also will be increase further. High active magnesium oxide is made of advanced technique and using dissoluble magnesium salt and dolomite as raw material. The product has tine size particle, good compatibility and dispersibility, high iodine absorption value, stable quality of high-activity and good usability.

Meishen Technology is a professional manufacturer of magnesium oxide for 20 years. It has advanced produce techniques and service quality guarantee. What’s more,Meishen produces the food grade magnesium oxide and reactive magnesium oxide through research and development independent. It produces them adopts a unique double decomposition method, twice cleaning and high temperature calcined. And then, the magnesium oxide was packed after smashing, mixing and asepsis. The heavy metals and toxic and harmful substance of the product, include lead, arsenic, chromium, mercury and HCI insoluble, sulfate and chloride, have low or none content. The products from this company have high purity, white color and impurity free.

Meishen has professional sales teams to serve you. Welcome everyone to come to discuss!

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Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer.

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