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The Critical Role Played By Cancer Foundations in Prevention and Management of Pancreatic Cancer

Author: Hollie Williams
by Hollie Williams
Posted: Dec 24, 2017
pancreatic cancer

Statistics indicate that pancreatic cancer is the third deadliest cancer in the US after lung and colon cancer. In 2017, about 53,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer were reported in the US. Of those, an estimated 3,400 were reported in Texas with over 2,850 deaths resulting from this type of cancer. The saddening statistics and impact of pancreatic cancer in the world has led to the emergence of several cancer foundations which aim to prevent, educate and hopefully contribute towards finding the cure for this cancer.

Each Texas pancreatic cancer foundation is playing a critical role in prevention, treatment and management of pancreatic cancer. These roles include:

  • Research - Research is crucial for devising newer and more effective treatments, understanding the disease and coming up with effective prevention measures. Some foundations have set up cancer research centers while others finance pancreatic cancer research.
  • Advocacy and lobbying - A Texas pancreatic cancer foundation engages in activities such as advocating for inclusive health insurance policies and lobbying the government to come up with policies that promote pancreatic cancer prevention and management.
  • Support - Cancer not only affects the physical wellbeing of the patients, it also lowers their quality of life and negatively impacts their mental and emotional wellbeing. Some cancer foundations have developed a support network to offer moral support and to serve as a platform for personal care for cancer patients and their caregivers.
  • Cancer education and awareness- Through community programs and workshops, Texas pancreatic cancer foundations are able to reach out to communities to educate them about pancreatic cancer, it prevention, treatment, and management.
  • Fundraising - Cancer treatment, advocacy, and research are expensiveendeavors. Foundations set up fundraising campaigns and events to raise money to finance cancer patients’ treatment, research, and advocacy efforts.
These not-for-profit, nongovernmental organizations, continue to make an enormous contribution towards pancreatic cancer prevention, treatment and management.

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The Sandler-Kenner Foundation was started by Gregory A. Echt, M.D. and his wife, Susan T. Echt, after they lost two of their dear friends, Michael and Peter, to premature deaths from pancreatic cancer.

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