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Hollie Williams

United States

Member since: Dec 24, 2017
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Chasing Diabetes' Connection to Pancreatic Cancer

It has been found out that there are approximately 30 million Americans who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The number of patients to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is around 54,000 every...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Jan 14, 2018
Did You Know That Pain in the Back Could Signify Cancer of the Pancreas?

Pancreatic cancer lies in the organ behind the lower part of the stomach. The cells in this disease multiply abnormally and uncontrollably hence forming a tumor. This type of cancer is treatable by...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Aug 15, 2018
Pancreatic Cancer: the Real Facts

Pancreatic cancer has no symptom in its early stages. The tumor remains the same no matter where it is placed in the pancreas. Symptoms vary, and because of this, the outcomes vary too. As pancreatic...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer May 10, 2018
The Critical Role Played by Cancer Foundations in Prevention and Management of Pancreatic Cancer

Statistics indicate that pancreatic cancer is the third deadliest cancer in the US after lung and colon cancer. In 2017, about 53,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer were reported in the US. Of those...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Dec 24, 2017
The Three Early Pointers for Pancreatic Cancer

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer don't usually show when the disease is in its early stages, making it difficult to diagnose. In case the symptoms show, three early pointers reveal themselves, and...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Jul 19, 2018
How to Support Texas Pancreatic Cancer Charity Organizations?

Increased cancer prevalence and its impact in the world have not gone unnoticed for most people. Whether you have experienced it first hand or not, you may have developed a reason to support the cause...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Jan 04, 2018
Reasons Why Pancreatic Cancer Cases Are Increasing

Pancreatic cancer shows no early symptoms. Its symptoms vary according to where the tumor is located in the pancreas. When there’s suspicion of the disease, a CAT scan is used to identify the stage...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Sep 19, 2018
The Reason Why Pancreatic Cancer is Considered a Lethal Disease

Pancreatic cancer ranks third in cancer-causing deaths in the United States. The lifetime risk of developing it is about 1 in 65 for women and 1 in 63 for men. Experts estimate that about 95% of the...

Articles > Health & Fitness > Cancer Oct 19, 2018

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The Sandler-Kenner Foundation was started by Gregory A. Echt, M.D. and his wife, Susan T. Echt, after they lost two of their dear friends, Michael and Peter, to premature deaths from pancreatic cancer.