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What all you will learn from AngularJS Training program?

Author: Multisoft Systems
by Multisoft Systems
Posted: Dec 26, 2017

AngularJS is an open-source framework like most of its Java counterparts. The objective of using AngularJS is to enable aspirants to develop web applications that are based on the Model-View-Controller Architecture, and decrease the dependence on JavaScript required functionalizing web applications. Throughout AngularJS Training program, participants will learn about design and development and various interaction points between them. Aspirants will also learn how design and development both are aided by AngularJS to form a robust application, and ways and means to create user-friendly and sustainable UI and code. Upon Completion of this training program, you will accomplish following:-

  • Using AngularJS templates effectively
  • Querying and revising data in multiple databases and becoming skilled with the API
  • Quickly creating intricate forms
  • Managing dependencies with Injection systems
  • Understanding two-way data binding
  • Introducing navigation functionality in web applications
  • Securing web applications from threats and malicious users
  • Localizing web applications to cater to international audiences
  • Understanding the compiler for building better and more advanced directives
  • Structuring the web application using the robust directory structure
  • Building various AngularJS directives
  • Using the testing framework to test the web applications
  • Structuring, writing and lastly deploying the application

AngularJS Training in Noida also provides the best practices in Angular 2 & 4 that professionals would need while using it in a real-life scenario. This course has been designed in such a way that it is very easy for you to acquire and expand your AngularJS skills quickly. So, you can start working in the field of AngularJS 2 - 4 once you complete the training successfully.

The main advantage of Angular.js is its dependency injection which is very advantageous when you want to unit test your code. Angular supports event driven programming. Angular makes web browser smarter. It decouples DOM manipulation from application logic. This improves the testability of the code.

AngularJS 2 is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. AngularJS professionals are earning very high salaries when compared with other technologies. With high demand and a number of job opportunities in this field, the following people will get benefited from this course. This App Development using AngularJS for Professionals course is aimed at professionals who are engaged in evaluation of or using AngularJS for projects. Participants with basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML will be at a distinct advantage. The training program is appropriate for:

  • AngularJS Web/Front-end Developers
  • AngularJS E-commerce Website Professionals
  • AngularJS Chat Application Developers

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