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13 Web Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018

Author: Jennifer Ravon
by Jennifer Ravon
Posted: Jan 02, 2018
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Web technology is evolving at a very high rate. One that was popular earlier popular may not be impactful today. Web Development Companies in India are prone to frequent changes. In this article, coming web development trends are explained which will aid the development with improvised functionality and hence, will eventually improve their functionality.

1. Chatbot Assistance and Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots can make the things easier for the e-commerce developers because, they develop websites with proper online assistance. It is expected that nearly 85% of the customer interactions will continue without any human assistance till 2020.

Advanced chatbots, which are based on artificial intelligence, will play a vital role in future as they have the ability to comprehend live speech and learn from the same.

2. Motion UI

This is might be one of the promising web development trends in 2018. The complete idea of Motion UI is to aid the web app development service providers to certify that they design a website with a minimalist method and moderate design do not let the users to get tired with flashing content and excessive GIFs.

3. Blockchain

It is one of the most effective ways of collective data storage. There are a large number of computers across the world, with a lot of information stored on them and all whole of this data is decentralized. In this situation, Blockchain delivers a high level of security. The main benefit of Blockchain is that no intermediaries are involved between the transactions. Each transaction is verified and relies upon intricate algorithms, even in a situation where a great number of computers are a part of the process.

4. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a highly interactive, quick and easy web development trend. This helps the web development companies to approach the targeted audience in a hassle free manner or in an interactive way.

5. Concentration on Images

Various types of images are used on a website like cover image, infographic and other such images. It is essential that you use the unique pictures on your site for conveying information.

6. Progressive Web Apps

These websites are like native mobile apps and hence, convey an amazing user experience. In 2018, it is anticipated that progressive web apps will be a competitor to native mobile apps. A progressive web app instantly loads and has the capacity to work without any WiFi connection. Like other apps, these require lesser time to develop and can be maintained easily.

7. Single Page Websites

A single page website is a long and smooth scrollable page, where the users can collect the necessary information without moving onto any other web page. Therefore, it saves the website visitors from being trapped into multi-level menus or complex navigation.

8. Push Notifications for Websites

This is a unique and amazing trend for e-commerce developers in 2018. Its main purpose is to push notifications for the websites to increase the present effectiveness with re-engaging the user that will benefit the businesses in the future. This will notify the users about any type of change over the website, even if the user is inactive on the website.

9. Internet of Things

IoT uses technology for connecting different devices to the web. Smarter apps that are empowered with Internet of Things will take the world by storm in 2018. In the coming year, it is anticipated that you will see a lots of IoT interface on a majority of websites that will enable the users to interact with different kinds of smart devices.

10. Voice User Interface

Voice user interface is coupled with machine learning and predict the needs of the user and provide them with the results. Therefore, it becomes essential that your website content is conversational and answers to the questions of the users.

11. Security

Security is very essential because there are a large number of attacks taking place. A secure website has a better ranking on the search engine in comparison to one that is insecure.

12. Mobile Friendly Website

For making a mobile friendly website, many components must be optimized, like images, animations, effects, font, design, layout and many other options. It must be tested for various mobile devices so that they look the best on these.

13. Giving Up Flash

Besides from implementing new technologies, it is essential to leave the older technologies. One such practice is flashing of websites. Nowadays, these are very much popular as it allows animation into the sites.

End words

As web development is constantly changing, it is essential that you remain updated with the above web development trends. For development services consider Seasia Infotech, which is one of the best web development company where expert web developers that can aid you in getting the web designs as per the latest trend to provide the best user experience. For more information you can visit the website today!

About the Author

Jennifer Ravon is a content writer, digital market expert at Seasia Infotech– a Web & Mobile design and Development Company. She would love to share thoughts on mobile & web development, technology, and business-related topics.

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