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Granite Kitchen Worktops And Various Myths Associated With It

Author: Pyramid Granite
by Pyramid Granite
Posted: Dec 28, 2017
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As per the latest trends, your kitchen would not appear trendy and stylish if it does not have a spectacular and shiny worktop complimenting its appearance.

And besides being stylish, these serve a lot of assistive purposes too. Due to this, people mostly trust granite kitchen worktops in their kitchens.

However, when you buy granite worktops, you are sure to encounter some myths that force you to reconsider your thoughts. Some of the common misconceptions that are associated with the granite worktops are as follows:

Granite Worktops Are Similar To The Marble Ones:

In real, granite and marble are two very different things. Though marble could be a noteworthy material to be used as a worktop, it could turn pervious by time.

However, granite is an igneous rock which is harder and more impervious than the marbles. You could ask the granite worktops suppliers for the darker granites which are almost fully impervious in nature.

Granite Worktops Need A Lot Of Maintenance:

In contrast to this, you just need a mild soap solution and some water to refurbish the granite worktop to its original appearance. Kitchen works can entail a lot of spill and dirt on the worktops. However, these are not too difficult to clean.

Granite Worktops Crack At High Temperature:

Kitchen works entail extremely heated pans which require a platform aside from the fire to rest. And you could easily put them on granite worktops, without any risk of experiencing a crack of chipping on them.

This means that kitchen heat would render no harm to your granite worktops.

Granite Worktops Experience Permanent Stains:

Again, a very popular myth that needs to be flushed down the drains.

Even the toughest oil stains on granite worktops are easily removable by a good cleaning solution. This would remove the stains and your kitchen worktop would obtain a similar beautiful appearance as it had before the stain occurred.

Granite Worktops Experience Frequent Scratches:

Do not believe any such thing. Granite worktops are generally resistant to knife and tool scratches. Also, the darker the granite is, more effective and scratch resistant it tends to be.

However, even the light-shaded ones and cheap granite worktops are resistant to common scratches in your kitchen.

Granite Worktops Are Way Too Expensive:

Granite is almost similar to quartz and marble kitchen worktops in terms of its price. However, these are more durable and long-lasting which makes them a great value for your invested sum.

These are the common misconceptions or myths that people normally encounter when they wish to buy granite kitchen worktops.

However, you could trust a good granite worktops supplier of your region and get this with full confidence to embellish your kitchen. And again, not only it tends to function the best, it also offers a gorgeous view to your kitchen.

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