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Support abortion with no restrictions

Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Nov 13, 2018


Abortion for several years has been an issue of controversy all over the globe. Abortion is bringing to an end of a pregnancy by forcefully removing the fetus before it is fully formed. The abortion debate is based on the legal and moral aspects of abortion. Two distinct groups are in debate on whether abortion is right or wrong. One group is for abortion emphasizing the right of women to terminate a pregnancy or to keep it to term. The other rival group emphasizes that the unborn or the embryo has right to be born and to live. Each group sought to influence the public to acquire legal support to its position. Legal aspects of abortion vary in different jurisdictions with some countries legally allowing abortion while in other countries it is illegal to have an abortion. At times, it becomes difficult for an individual to decide which side to take regarding this moral issue. For one to take, sides must balance the impacts of abortion and the reasons for carrying out an abortion.

I support abortion with no restrictions. Women should be left to decide whether to carry an embryo up to the end of its term that is nine months or get rid of the pregnancy. Several reasons have compelled me to stand with this opinion. Several women may have complications during their pregnancy period. The lives of these women are endangered by the pregnancy hence the need to terminate the pregnancy. Doctors are forced to terminate a pregnancy in order to save the mother's life if it is in danger. This opinion has been supported by several governments who have enacted laws to provide for this practice even though abortion in general is prohibited. The United States of America passed to an act on abortion provided for termination of a pregnancy given that:

A continuation with the pregnancy would pose greater risks to woman’s life than terminating the pregnancy.

  • Continuing with the pregnancy would cause greater effects on a woman’s health, or
  • Continuation with the pregnancy would lead to greater effects to the mental or physical health of any child of a woman.
  • When there is a likelihood of a child being born with serious physical or mental disability (Farrell, 2010).

I also support abortion in the sense that some pregnancies are as a result of sexual intercourse without the consent or willingness of the woman. Such instances may occur as a result of rape and participating in sex activities while under influence of drugs or when a woman is mentally stressed. While in these situations, a woman may be forced to have sex as the case of rape or she may not be in a position to reflect clearly on the consequences of unprotected sex especially when under influence of drugs. Any pregnancy as a product of these situations may be termed unwanted. Keeping these unwanted pregnancies would affect the mother psychologically. This fact is also provided for in the United States abortion Act of 1967 that allows the termination of a pregnancy in case it poses a greater risk to the physical or mental health of the woman.

Similarly, I support the termination of any timely pregnancy. Untimely pregnancies may result from unplanned sex or contraceptives may backfire. These pregnancies may inconvenience the mother. For example, school going girls may terminate or delay their education or women may lose their jobs due to untimely pregnancies. In both instances, the live of the mother is completely affected, and she might fail to provide for the newborn due to financial limitations. Such circumstances calls for termination of the pregnancy to enable the woman achieve her goals in life. The unplanned for pregnancies may lead to big families that might pose basic need provision challenges to the parents hence leading to low standards of living and high levels of poverty. This prevented by getting rid of these unwanted pregnancies.

The pro-life activist argues that life starts at conception, and any harm to the unborn that cause termination of a pregnancy is considered as murder. The Catholic Church and other denominations in particular, consider abortion as murder. They argue that the abortion denies the fetus a chance to become an adult. To me, those against abortion should take into account that even an egg that fails to be fertilized is denied a chance to become a human being. Similarly, miscarriages do occur naturally leading to the loss of the embryo. They also argue that abortions can lead to medical complications such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. I am against this argument as abortion is a medical procedure like any other and if carried out by a qualified doctor could result to no or reduced medical complications. Legalization of abortion may reduce the prevalence of these complications as the abortion services are provided by registered and qualified doctors unlike where it is illegal thus being done by illegal and unqualified practitioners..

Those against abortion also argue that adoption is an alternative to abortion and solves the same problem. They claim that there are about 1.5 million American families wanting to adopt children (Haney, 2006); thus there is no unwanted children. To the contrary, statistics indicates that a slight percentage of women who give birth are willing to give out their children for abortion.

The pre-life activists argue that incase of rape, proper medication can prevent a woman from getting pregnant but it is known that that no medication can clear the memory of rape especially when the product of the acts is always around. By not seeing the children of rape, mothers can easily recover from the incident. Similarly, they argue that many Americans are against abortion and therefore it is morally wrong fund abortion using their tax but they fail to understand that the Medicare program helps poor women to access medical services, abortion being one of these services. More taxpayers money is used in funding war in Middle East, killing terminating more lives than abortion does.


Abortion though taken as termination of life is a medical procedure like any other that helps tackle several medical problems. Abortion is a moral dilemma that requires proper assessment of both its negative and positive implications before anyone taking sides. According to my assessment, abortion helps in the improvement of women’s lives as it gives a chance to women to achieve their goals in life in case they have a pregnancy that might interfere with their plans. Abortion should be legalized by in all countries all over the world to enhance women exercise their freedom of choice.


Farrell C (2010) The Abortion Debate, ABDO publishing company, USA

Haney J, (2006)The Abortion Debate: Understanding the Issues, Enslow Publishers, Inc. USA

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