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How You Will Feel After a Surgical Abortion

Author: Adeel Qureshi
by Adeel Qureshi
Posted: Nov 19, 2014

Surgical abortions have emotional and psychological effects on women. That is why women feel difficulty to have surgical abortion especially when you are in second trimester of pregnancy. Although, most women feel normal after having surgical abortion, some of them become emotionally down and upset. The first response to a surgical abortion reportedly is relief. While negative emotions can follow, the common response of women is relief, who have just had an abortion. Nobody can tell you how you will feel after abortion so, it is better to share your concerns with your consultant at abortion clinic when you go to your follow-up visit. If phone support is available at clinic then it can also be done over phone.

The more confidence you have before your abortion, the more strength you will have over the time. But if your parents have forced you to have abortion, you may not feel in control of the decision. The more social encouragement you get and the more knowledge you have about the procedures and types of abortion, the less harsh your emotional response will tend to be after abortion. It does not mean that women who feel confident before having abortion do not have regrets, but this is to say that the more thought you give to something; the less likely it is that you will feel distressed about an incident. There is no "undo" of abortion and women who feel uncertain that they actually need an abortion usually become emotionally distressed. The decision must come from your inner self and you must be contented with it because you are the one who have to be with it in future.

Once you have made the decision and are comfortable with it, you will most probably feel relieved after having abortion. Your concern of unwanted pregnancy will be vanished but you may feel a little anger or sadness. Any kind of feelings after your abortion is natural and not harmful. No one can say that the way you feel is "right" or "wrong" after your abortion. The emotions and feelings vary from woman to woman and they depend on the conditions prevailing the pregnancy and decision of having abortion. However, the feelings will be entirely different the next time you have an abortion, and some women feel second abortion more difficult than first. Therefore, it is simply not possible to tell how you will feel after your abortion.

If anger and regrets continuously follow you even after one week, if you are unable to resume yourself to normal life after two weeks, or if you are unable to have proper sleep due to repeatedly thinking about your abortion, you are likely to develop depression. If this happens, then you must look for medical assistance from abortion clinic. Regardless how confident you were before abortion, depression and anxiety may still persist. Make sure you know the signs of post-abortion depression as you leave for abortion clinic.

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