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Choosing between the Dubai Marina Cruise and the Dubai Creek Cruise

Author: Rashid Khan
by Rashid Khan
Posted: Jan 08, 2018

Cruising through the soothing shores of Dubai is a leisurely experience for both first-timers as well as for experienced campaigners. Being one of the modern cities of the world placed on the southern Persian Gulf, every tourist and visitor should indulge in a Dhow Cruise Dinner during their visit to Dubai. A visit to Dubai would be termed incomplete without indulging in a dhow cruise. The Dhow cruise is a traditional wooden boat that is decorated with colorful and vibrant lights and is an accurate reflection of the charming nature of the rich traditions and history of Dubai and the Arabic Gulf. There are two types of cruises in Dubai; The Dubai Marina Cruise and the Dubai Creek Cruise. We would have given you a glimpse of the two cruises that offer you the best of the Arabic ambiance in Dubai.

What to expect

The two cruises showcase two different faces of Dubai, and each ride is an experience in itself. Something that should not be missed during your visit to Dubai. The Marina cruise is a modern experience of modern Dubai. The journey offers a beautiful tour of the glitzy and glamorous side of Dubai. This cruise showcases Dubai to the world as a world-class city.

The Creek cruise gives you a feel and a rich experience of the traditional Emirate culture. Browse through famous landmarks like the Bur Dubai, Deira, and much more. Get a glimpse of the ancient life in Dubai before the oil boom.

Best time for a Dhow Cruise in Dubai

Dhow cruises are running all through the day that features sightseeing or a luxurious dining experience. Post sunset, the city is lit up, and the environment is vibrant. There is plenty of on-board entertainment followed by a delicious dinner post sunset. Traveling under the moonlit sky is an experience that you would never forget. If you are looking to cover more of the architectural marvels of the city, then an early morning or an afternoon cruises are ideal. Do avoid the sunny hours of the day, as the heat may become intolerable.

Experiences on Dhow Cruise

Each cruise in Dubai offers a unique culinary experience coupled with a different sailing and sightseeing options that are extremely popular among tourists and locals alike. Dinners on the Dhow cruises are mostly 3-course buffets prepared with 5-star standards. One can expect a welcome with dates and coffee on entering the dock. There are plenty of options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. There is a host of entertainment activities with local dances featuring tanoura dancing, belly dancing, magic shows, and puppet shows.

Sights and views

The Dubai Marina presents a beautiful view of the modern face of Dubai to the world. The view comprises of many world-class architectural elements. Enjoy an array of international five star rated hotels along with essential buildings in Jumeirah Beach, villas of the Palm, the iconic Atlantic Hotel, beach resort, and the Burj Al Arab. The cruise is best experienced at night as the city is lit up that enhances your experience.

The ride along the Creek is comparatively short and limited in comparison to the Marina cruise. The Dubai Creek cruise starts from the iconic Dubai Creek along the blue aquamarine waters of the Arabian Sea. You can browse through the historical landmarks such as Dubai Chamber of Commerce, National Bank of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed's Residence, Bastakiya Area, Heritage Village near Shindagha, many ancient souks, markets, and other industrial buildings. Enjoy the historic vibe and ambiance of these old locations and go back in time. A Promenade covers a majority of the cruise from Bur Dubai.


Both cruises offer an unparalleled experience. Dubai Marina offers an environment oozing with fun, entertainment, and leisure, with views of private yachts and fishing boats. Dubai Creek comprises of views full of busy ports, traffic, business, and commercial activity. The Dubai Creek covers most of old Dubai.

Higher Service and Quality

From a business perspective, the Dubai Dhow Marina Cruise is probably double of what a Dubai Dhow Creek Cruise costs. One can expect a much higher quality since they are paying a higher price. Private and personalized chefs, catering maintenance, staff salaries, etc. have to be taken into consideration while designing the package, and amount of the Dubai Marina cruise. One can expect much lower levels of service and quality in the Creek. Even though there are high-end operators in the Creek, e.g., Sultan, and Bustar, but overall the services and quality of the Dubai Creek is no match to the ones offered in Dubai Marina.

Also, the number of operators operating in each cruise makes a difference. There are only close to 10 dhow operators in the Marina and close to 30-35 in the Creek. The exclusivity and the premium come from such factors.


The Dubai Marina experience offers a modern cosmopolitan outlook to the world and showcases Dubai as a trendy tourist destination. The Dubai Creek cruise carries a charm and elegance of old Dubai, something that was visible a decade ago. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, then head to the Dubai Marina cruise, or if you have already indulged in the Creek experience, then the Dubai Marina would be a refreshing change.


Tourist and visitors can cruise along the Dubai Creek for as low as AED 65 per person. The cost of the Dubai Marina is more than double of what is being charged at Creek. At the premium price, the quality of services and amenities are significantly improved. The traditionally adorned Dhow cruise is one of the best ways to revisit Dubai in its old form and enjoy the revamped Dubai. Both cannot be ideally be compared to sheer elegance and charm.


Most of the visitors do pick the Marina in comparison to the Creek primarily due to its modern indulgence. Overall, you should choose the cruise based on your preferences. For routine based individuals, the Dubai Creek is a beautiful experience. For people looking for a refreshing change full of leisure and entertainment, the Dubai Marina is an exciting option. Ideally, due to the higher quality and service offered at the Marina, the passengers have better memorable moments in the Marina.

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