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Get Your Kids Hooked On Veggies and Fruits

Author: Karen Williams
by Karen Williams
Posted: Jan 11, 2018

Vegetables and fruits are a vital part of a healthy diet and yet encouraging children even adults to eat vegetables and fruits can sometimes be a challenging task. In this article, we are going to discuss few of the ways to get your kids hooked towards vegetables and fruits.

Offer Vegetables as Snacks

Vegetables make great snacks. If you stock more vegetables for snacks and limit stocking unhealthy snacks in your home. By doing this, your children will automatically turn towards vegetables when they feel hungry.

Don’t Offer Treats as Rewards

It’s not a good idea to say things like, "if you eat a plate of broccoli, you can have some chocolate later". This can make your child focus more on the treat than the healthy foods. It makes them feel eating the healthy food is a chore. So, it’s advisable to encourage your kid by giving them fruit salads or green smoothie recipes.

Boost Your Breakfast with Colorful Veggies

If you’re making pasta or pizza, prepare a base made of colorful veggies like carrots, spinach, and mushrooms. It won’t change the taste of the dish but boost their vitamin and mineral intake.

Eat With Your Eyes

Reveal your inner artist by arranging veggies and fruits into fun designs like animals, and dolls. Make use of bright and contrasting colors to attract your kids to the fruits and veggies.

Turn Veggies and Fruits into Smoothies

Punishing your child for not eating veggies can create more negativity towards vegetables. So, if your child refuses to eat, just try tasty simple green smoothie recipes using sweeteners. Add in a frozen banana and half of an avocado to each smoothie. This will give it a rich, creamy feel that your kids will love.

Use Colored or Opaque Cup for Serving

Kids love colors! So, serve it in a colored cup with a lid and straw. Also, try something opaque so that they can enjoy tastiness with their mouth instead of being afraid of taste it when first seeing it.

Use of Blenders

To enjoy the full effectiveness of veggies and fruits, you need to consider using blenders. The taste of the green smoothie will vary based on the blender you are using. One machine cannot be compared to the other, so it’s better to spend few hours on visiting green smoothie blogs to find the best by reading green smoothie blender reviews and choose the best!

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