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Challenges Faced By QA Teams

Author: Alisha Henderson
by Alisha Henderson
Posted: Jan 15, 2018
software testing

Software testing is a challenging task and there are some QA testing challenges that appear time and again. While conclusions vary, here are what some people think of the top following challenges in software testing.

The first challenge is quality assurance. The aim is to think that the testing team is the people responsible for QA. The fact is that quality assurance is the ability of both testing and development. Both are the parts of the same string.

Shoving all quality control off on testing can create bad blood between two components that should be working together.

It has to be remembered that development can't always account for everything and testing cannot improve quality, but only ensure a minimum level. Development and testing should meet the challenge of operating together from day one of the projects.

QA testing challenges

Test coverage – In DevOps, there is a haste to deliver software as soon as possible with the techniques like continuous deployment and integration.

Also, because of fast-changing specifications, there is a chance to miss testing crucial functions. To overcome this challenge, a thorough and detailed traceability of conditions to test functions should be maintained.

Build verification – As DevOps helps frequent builds, there is a higher opportunity of code-breaking existing features. Because of this reason, it is not practical to have testers do this confirmation manually. It is suggested to rely on automated testing for these smoke tests.

Early testing – One of the major goals of testing in DevOps is early detection of bugs in the development cycle. For this to occur testing must start very early in the cycle.

QA should start testing with whatever code is accessible even if the features are not complete. This needs a lot of maturity in documenting self-sufficient user stories that do not depend on another for testing.

Lack of resources

Experienced testers with complete knowledge of the business domain can help you out to create more efficient test scenarios and scripts.

Apart from getting domain particular testing specialists on board, you also require to equip them with the right testing tools. The right tools can make it easier for QA teams to execute the project and also delivering results faster.

Collaboration – QA is the binding entity between development and operations. So, the QA team should be included right from the early steps of development.

This will allow them to help to have software developed and supported more efficiently. Also, QA should be recognized as the ability of the entire project team rather than the responsibility of the dedicated QA team.

Facilitation of quality – From a DevOps perspective, QA team requires to understand the business for the system being checked.

For this to occur, the QA team should partner with business specialists, including with the project owner, to know how the system being tested requires functioning in order to support the business.

QA teams will be disabled if not required in those initial discussions. This involvement helps QA to become the facilitator of quality.

Another challenge is understanding usability difficulties as bugs. It's really very easy to get rid of this kind of usability issues because they don't immediately stop software function.

These issues may be something simple like printouts that are not as beneficial as they could be or data presented in a non-optimum fashion.

Lack of proper communication

Right from the beginning of the product, it is necessary to make the business specification and see all QA testing challenges. Any change in-app features or specification must be updated to the QA team in time. This further helps you out in fixing bugs that are detected.

A great communication channel between different teams like development & QA will help sync the testing efforts with the quality goals set by the business.

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I work as a Senior Testing Specialist at TestingXperts. I handled day-to-day operations for all aspects of software testing. With over 7 yrs of professional experience I know how to build strong connection.

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