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How to stop a phishing and Smishing attack

Author: Harminder Raien
by Harminder Raien
Posted: Jan 19, 2018
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Hackers are now withdrawing money from people's accounts through mobile and phone rather than defrauding through computer, laptop and email. At first, you used to get the email related to the congratulations on email ID after you logged into email. Through the sent mail, hackers used to seek information about your account. Instead, hackers now call on your phone and try to get your bank account number, credit card information.

The phone call by hackers is also made by telling you the employee of the bank and by the bank's number. When you believe in it as soon as you give information related to your debit, credit card or bank account to the person, your account becomes vacant immediately. Such cases of phone fraud are coming out from all over the country, which must be avoided. In this case,Indian Cyber Army is going to tell you what is happening and why it should be avoided.

Smishing and Phishing:

In fact Smishing is a cybercrime of a new method. Firstly, it is believed that the person who speaks is from the bank.. After that the person then asks for your account or card details to update your bank account. After a few minutes, money is withdrawn from your account.

In the same way, phishing is a way of cyber crime, in which first email was told that you have won millions of dollars in the lottery. You will have to send your personal details in order to get the reward amount in cash. After this, as soon as you send your personal details money was withdrawn from your account.

How does a Smishing Attack occur?

Wearing hackers call you on the bank's network or in your social profile. Hackers take out a profile of people who have a lot of transactions or they are senior citizens. Because, it is easy to get bank account and card details from these people.

After this, hackers offer targets for gifts instead of gifts or rewards points by calling target customers. Not only that, hackers also call you for the loan offer and your bank tries to take the details. After that you withdraw money from your account.

Phishing attack means that by creating a fake website, hacking the Id or password. One of the most popular tricks to hack a social media websites is that it is phishing. Through it Hackers hack the Internet footage, every website can be hacked. Any hacker can hack any social media site using these methods because they develop the page that looks like original social media website. Victim does not even know that phishing attack is attacked on him.

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Do Not Share personal detail and OTP to Unknown person:

There is a whole gang and network of hackers who usually include women. Hackers Calling on your phone and try to creat fear that if you do not provide them information related to the bank, then you will not be able to do any transaction or work from your account. After taking bank account details, hackers also ask for OTP which Which is sent to your phone.

This information should not be shared with anyone as OTP code is valid for 15 to 30 minutes after being generated once. The hackers disconnect your call only after getting the information, and in a while you have the message that money is withdrawn from your account.

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What to do if smishing attack happened:

  • You should first register an FIR in the nearest police station.

  • Indian Cyber army helps to fight against this crime.

  • The caller's number must be given at the time of filing the complaint.

  • If you have recorded the call, then share it with the investigating officer. Apart from this, share whatsapp and SMS details too. Also, you should go to the bank and submit a copy of the FIR and request the bank manager to change the details related to your bank account.

  • You should also block credit and debit cards and you will not have any kind of transaction from the bank till the new card arrives.

  • After this change the password of the new reissue card immediately. After doing so you will come out of this trouble.

How to recognize phishing pages and ways to avoid phishing attacks

Just have to use your little common sense and You can use these methods to find phishing pages.

  • Check your URL when you log in any social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

  • Before filing Bank A / c No., Credit Card Details, Debit Card Details or PAN Card Details. You must check HTTPS and the personal security of that website in the URL of that website.

  • If you ever have to make any online login or any online payment in the cyber cafe so you always do it with the virtual keyboard.

  • Never fill out your personal details (email, password, phone, adharcard no. Etc) on the Unknown link.

  • Do not open links to Gmail messages that you do not know about where this mail came from.

The Indian Cyber??Army is always in the process of eliminating phishing and smishing crime and dealing with it. Our organization has always been preventing such cyber crimes. Financial fraud, money laundering, cyberbullying, fake profiles and many other offenses. The Indian Cyber??Army has helped people in many matters. If you want to join our Indian Cyber??Army, then you can also do our membership as well as training of ethical hacking. Cyber??Victims can call us on our cyber crime complaint number 9968600000.

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Indian Cyber army We remove cyber crime, we help those people who are cyber victim, if there is any problem related cyber crime call us on cyber crime helpline number 9968600000

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