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5 ways to beat the Monday Morning Blues

Author: Deccan Rummy
by Deccan Rummy
Posted: Jan 20, 2018
morning blues

After a long weekend, waking up on a Monday morning is quite a stultifying ask. Don’t we all feel that our Fridays could last forever on many occasions? If on Monday mornings you wish you could get your hands on a time machine to go back 2 days, then you are not alone. For many, Monday morning blues kicks in right around Sunday evening as you can’t help but start thinking about the next 5 days.

Because of the lack of motivation and anxiety creeping in, Morning blues sets in and affects your ability to be courteous and receptive to your colleagues and even your superiors. No matter how many days of vacation you are returning from, Monday morning blues is a serious problem. You can take the fear of Monday morning blues with the help of some solid planning. Here in this article, we are going to offer some tips to overcome the Monday morning blues.

1. Identify what puts you off

Write down the things that are causing you concern; make a complete list of them. The reason we stress on writing down things is that when you write down your ideas you will automatically focus your full attention on them. Maybe when you write this down you would get an idea if it’s really worth your time. The more you write the more chance you have to beat stress.

2. Get adequate rest

One of the main reasons for Monday Morning blues is lack of rest. There are far too many distractions that prevent us from getting adequate rest. Studies indicate that lack of sleep affects metabolism and has a lot of detrimental effects including mood swings, anxiety etc. It is important you utilize the break to take sufficient rest. As with the analogy you can’t recharge your batteries if you’re constantly using them, you will not regain your strength and spirit if you drain it too much on fun activities during weekends. Remember, you do not want to do anything that exacerbates your stress.

3. Calm your nerves

Coming after a short break our body needs a bit of readjusting on Monday mornings to get on with our usual activities. Instead of starting in a rush, give yourself some calmness by setting the alarm 30 minutes early. Consider doing a bit of exercise as it is one of the best techniques to help relieve stress and anxiety. Regular exercising will bring remarkable changes to our bodies, our spirits, and mood. It is proven that regular exercising will alleviate stress.

4. Indulge in some valuable past time to beat morning blues

Hobbies are the one of the best ways to alleviate stress. By hobbies, we don’t mean things that are strictly beneficial. Anything even playing a simple rummy card game will help you beat the stress. Playing 13 card rummy game is proven to have multiple benefits – increases concentration, memory power, improves decision-making skills, and even tolerance. A short and sweet session of rummy gaming will refresh you and help you prepare better to tackle Monday morning blues. There are many online rummy sites these days where you can play to your hearts content.

5. Consider Career Change

If none of the things is proven to have any positive effects, consider a career change. But if your career continues to push you towards your breaking point continuously, there is simply no point to continue. A career change in such situation is imminent.

If you have any other ways to beat the Monday Morning Blues, please let us know in the comment section.

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