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Instant Success HPE6-A29 Exam with Valid HPE6-A29 Questions Dumps 2018

Author: Jeffrey Garcia
by Jeffrey Garcia
Posted: Jan 23, 2018

Question: 1

Which configuration item accepts named VLANs as a parameter? (Select three )

A. RADIUS Server attributes for role derivation

B. Authentication Server attributes for server derivation

C. User Role for single VLAN

D. Port trunk configuration

E. Firewall session rule

Answer: ABC

Question: 2

Which system clock parameter settings can be configured for an Aruba controller using the Web GUI? (Select three)

A. Service priority

B. Time Zone

C. NTP authentication

D. NTP server access method.

E. Day/night saving time.

Answer: BCD


Question: 3

An administrator wants Aps to boot and discover the master controller in a master-local topology. After connect to the master, the Aps will connect to the appropriate local controller based on the AP Group configuration. DNS will be used to discover the master controller’s IP address?

A. aruba-discovery




Answer: D

Question: 4

An administrator supports a wireless network that includes Aruba Mobility controllers and Aruba Aps. The network has on Virtual AP (VAP) profile configured for employees and one VAP profile configured for guests. The network has 200 employees now, but, because of rapid expansion and the move to a brand new campus network, the number of employees is expected to increase to over 500. The administrator wants to continue to use only two VAPs to keep the WLAN implementation simple.

Which feature should the administrator implement for the employee VAP that will allow it to scale to a large number of users?

A. Source NAT

B. VLAN Mobility

C. VLAN Pools

D. IP Mobility

Answer: C


Question: 5

An administrator sets up a captive portal tor guest access with these specifications:

  • VLAN 18 for the guest users will terminate on the controller and will not extend into the corporate network.
  • Aps that advertise the guest SSID will tunnel traffic to the controller, and the controller will authenticate the users.
  • Once the users are authenticated, the user traffic will be translated to a different VLAN before it is forwarded to the corporate network to reach the internet.

When the administrator sets up this solution, the users fails to see the captive portal web page for authentication and cannot access the internet. The administrator determines the problem is that the guest VLAN does not have any ports associated to it on the controller.

Which CLI command should the administrator implement to resolve the issue?

A. interface vlan 19 no shutdown

B. vlan 18 operstate up

C. vlan 18 enable

D. interface blan 19 operstate up.

Answer: D

Question: 6

An administrator provisions a Remote AP (RAP) and plans to install it at a branch office. The administrator tries to determine which discovery method should be used for the RAP to discover and connect to the corporate office controller across the internet.

Which method would cause the RAP to fail to discover and connect to the corporate office controller?



C. LMS IP address in the AP Group

D. Aruba Discovery Protocol (ADP)

Answer: C

Question: 7

An administrator configures a Virtual AP (VAP) profile for an AP Group Which profiles must the administrator reference in the VAP configuration so that the VAP is functional and the WLAN can be used to connect wireless users to the network? (Select two.)


B. Radio Settings


D. VLAN Profile

E. System Profile

Answer: AC


Question: 8

Which DHCP option does an Aruba AP use to identity itself as an Aruba AP when it acquires IP addressing information from a DHCP server?

A. 43

B. 47

C. 60

D. 4500

Answer: A


Question: 9

An administrator implements a WLAN virtual AP (VAP) to authenticate employee access on Aruba Mobility Controller in a master-local topology. However, when testing wireless access from a Windows client the administrator sees the pop-up window show in the exhibit:

What should the administrator do to solve this problem?

A. Add a client certificate from the same CA used to obtain the controller’s certificate on the Windows client.

B. Add the root certificate for the corresponding controller identity certificate on the windows client.

C. Configure the client’s certificate as a trusted certificate on the Windows client.

D. Define the controller’s certificate as a trusted certificate on the windows client.

Answer: A

Question: 10

Examine this configuration file segment of an Aruba Mobility Controller

ip access-list session anewone

user network any permit

user host any deny

user any any permit

What can an administrator conclude from this file segment? (Select three)

A. Any traffic originating from will be denied

B. Any traffic going to destination will be permitted

C. Any traffic going to destination win be denied

D. This is an Ethertype Access Control List (ACL)

E. This is an extended Access Control List (ACL)

F. Any Traffic going to destination will be denied.

Answer: BDE

Question: 11

An administrator plans to deploy a Remote AP (RAP) for a new branch office. The AP Group will have one Virtual AP (VAP) profile for guests and one VAP profile for employees. All employee traffic will be sent to the corporate office. The guest traffic should be forwarded directly to the internet from the RAP.

Which RAP operating mode should the administrator configure for the guest VAP?

A. Bridge

B. Tunnel

C. Source NAT

D. Split-Tunnel

Answer: D


Question: 12

An administrator manages a network that includes three campuses. The network uses Aruba Mobility Controllers and Aruba Aps. Each campus is managed separately, where each campus has its own master-local topology. The administrator wants to simplify the operations of control plane security (CPSec) to allow Aps to be centrally provisioned but can be placed in any campus.

What must the administrator do to allow an AP to securely connect to any controller in any campus?

A. Set up a third-party solution to provide root certificate Authority (CA) and subordinate CA services.

B. Set up three cluster domains with a single CPSec Trust Anchor for the entire network

C. Se up one master controller as a CPSec Trust Anchor and the order master controllers as cluster members.

D. Set up master controller as a CPSec Trust Anchor at each of the three campuses.

Answer: C

Question: 13

Which method can Aps use to discover a controller?

A. Dynamic DNS (DDNS)


C. ADP broadcast


Answer: C

Question: 14

A master fails in a master-local topology with central licensing enabled. There is no standby server configured.

What happens to the local controllers?

A. Local controllers continue to operate for 30 days and accept new Aps.

B. Local controllers operate with active Aps, but will not accept any other Aps.

C. Local controllers can only use their originally-installed licenses.

D. Local controllers continue to operate for the length of their license subscription.

Answer: A

Question: 15

Examine the configuration file segment from an Aruba Mobility Controller.

ip access-list session anewone

user network any permit

user host any deny

user any any permit

What can administrator conclude from this?

A. This is an extended Access Control List (ACL)

B. Any traffic going to destination will be permitted

C. Any traffic going to destination will be denied.

D. This is a session firewall policy.

Answer: B

Question: 16

An administrator sets up Layer 3 roaming between controllers in a mobility domain. Which method is used to forward traffic from a foreign agent (FA) back to the user’s home agent (HA)?

A. GRE Tunneling

B. PAPI Tunneling

C. IPSec tunneling

D. VLAN switching

Answer: C

Question: 17

With control Plane security (CPSec) enabled, Aruba Aps connect to controllers with which protocol?



C. IPsec


Answer: C

Question: 18

In which mode must an Aruba AP be provisioned to implement WIPS?

A. Mesh

B. Split-Tunnel

C. Air Monitor

D. Spectrum

Answer: C

Question: 19

An administrator currently has one Aruba Mobility Controller in the network. Because of the company’s rapid growth, the administrator plans to purchase three additional controllers that will be configured in a local operating mode. The administrator wants to protect the messages between the existing master controller and three local controllers.

Which Aruba Mobility controller feature needs to be configured to provide this protection?

A. Control Plane Security (CPSec)

B. Domain controls

C. IPSec tunnels

D. Digital certificates

Answer: C

Question: 20

A company uses Aruba Mobility Controllers and Aruba Aps. The Aps incur a power outage.

Which Aruba feature should be implemented to allow the surrounding Aps to provide wireless coverage for the area of the AP that lost power?

A. Airtime Fairness

B. Adaptive Radio Management

C. Band Balancing

D. High Availability

Answer: B

Test Information:

Total Questions: 301

Test Number: Hpe6-A29

Vendor Name: HP

Cert Name: HPE Aruba Certified

Test Name: Aruba Certified Mobility Professional 6.4

Official Site:

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