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Explore a Great Fad Fishing Adventure in Costa Rica

Author: Costa Rica Fads
by Costa Rica Fads
Posted: Jan 24, 2018

Over the years, professional fishing has become extremely popular activity in various parts of the world. Earlier, fishing was just an activity, but not it has become a passion for some people, while there are many who earn their lively hood with fishing.

From the last few years, Costa Rica has become a major hub for FAD fishing. One of the reasons for this is the increasing tourism in the country. People now visit Costa Rica just to enjoy different types of fishing and FAD fishing has become their latest obsession. Fad fishing in Costa Rica is not new, in fact it been now done for quite a long time and expanding to other regions in the central America as well.

Costa Rica FAD fishing adventure is among the best fishing adventures in the world. It is been done with the help of the fishing bots that have installed the FAD. FAD is basically a Fish Aggregating Device (FADs), can be basically gliding tree logs, protects under which angle have a tendency to assemble. Anglers have discovered this method of fishing since long time ago, but currently it is been used widely all over the Costa Rica in its modern approach. FADs are held with the boats under the water with the ropes hanging underneath to steel and froth developments finish with radio transmitters for flagging their area. By a few gauges there might be a huge number of these gadgets now conveyed. In any case, there is minimal direction or observing of them.

On account of that you need to know how to get a mammoth Costa Rican Marlin? The best time for spotting marlin in Costa Rica is from September to February. At this time of the year, Marlin usually swims to the shorelines because it’s their feeding time. If you swim close to the shorelines in the deep waters then you are more likely to find a blue or black marlin.

The best technique for getting the fishes is to troll white dances through the nourishing fish. The lure is then reeled up and you must use a wet towel to put the fish and ask someone to fix up to troll live. Utilize fixing floss and embed a goad needle through the highest point of the eye attachment. At that point wind the snare a couple of times to take up the slack in the floss. This would be the best way for doing fad fishing.

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This article is written by Costa Rica Fads Team. Costa Rica Fads is one of the best charters for offshore & FAD fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica. Enjoy the best Fad Fishing in Costa Rica.

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