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Complete Lightning Protection System as per NFC 17-102 and IS/IEC 62305

Author: Ashutosh Kumar
by Ashutosh Kumar
Posted: Apr 14, 2018
lightning protection

We are living in an era where the introduction of industrialization has positive impact on the infrastructure of any building. Industrialization means economic growth and development which makes the best possible use of human and physical resources. Extremely high towers, huge offices, governmental buildings and large industrial plants are constructing these days. Therefore, they are highly exposed to lightning in case of stormy weather. A lightning strike can cause serious structural damage to a building. It can also damage our expensive electrical and electronic equipments. So, to protect our buildings from this calamity, a proper shelter must be taken. We are offering a complete lightning protection system including air termination system, down conductors and earth termination system to provide a shielding to your structure from thunder strike. For this, we have two types of arrangements:

Lightning protection system as per IS/IEC 62305

An air terminal can be the combination of rods, catenary wires or meshed conductors in case of conventional lightning protection system. This system can be designed by using protection angle method, mesh method and rolling sphere method. The mesh method is used for simple shaped buildings where there are uniform surfaces. Protection angle method is used for providing additional safety for corners and protruding parts. In protection angle method, we are offering air terminal and down conductor made up of Aluminium, Copper or Copper Coated Aluminium (CCA). These highly conductive materials are employed to provide low resistance path to safely ground lightning’s destructive electricity. Arcing and side flashing can also occur on high rise buildings even after providing a continuous path to ground. In that case, we have a proficient solution to supply a ring conductor.

Lightning protection system as per NFC 17-102

For advanced lightning protection system Early Streamer Emission air terminal (ESEAT) or Thunderester air terminal are used. ESEAT works on corona discharge technology which is designed to attract the thunder strike to a known and preferred point. It initiates the process by ionizing its nearby air in stormy weather and attracts the lightning towards itself. While thunderester is based on piezoelectric technology to protect the entire structure of a building. Other interconnecting components such as connectors or joints are required to complete the system.

This is all about external lightning protection which will offer only 60% of protection, rest 40% is also necessary to safeguard any building. This could be possible by installing surge protection devices at every service entrance and sub-distribution panels to filter the intrusion of lightning. We are offering a full range of innovative and reliable solution at minimum cost.

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