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Tips For Your Rhinoplasty Recovery

Author: Aditi Singh
by Aditi Singh
Posted: Apr 23, 2018

A little excitement before rhinoplasty surgery is expected and it is normal. You should know that a learned surgeon can do magic with his seasoned hands. Also, he can guide and advice on recovery. The recovery would take some time from 10 to 15 days but it should be smooth and you shouldn’t jump to normal life after the recovery period is over. The transition to normal after surgery should be slow.

While your surgeon would list dos and don’ts after surgery, you should also prepare a detailed recovery plan.

Here're six important steps you can take to speed your recovery from rhinoplasty

1# Allow your body to recuperate

While the maximum a normal rhinoplasty patient takes in full recovery is two weeks, you should give yourself ample time to recover from the surgical process. A healthy feel would start coming after first few days of recovery but the bruising from the surgical process could take longer than one week to heal. And you won’t feel social until the bruises are gone. Set 10 days for rest and come to normal life slowly and only when you are completely recovered.

2# Customize your bedroom for recovery

You will start recuperating soon after the surgery is over and if you aren’t ready for recovery, the process could take more than normal time to complete. You need customizing your bed with extra pillows so that your head remains in an elevated position above the heart. It will reduce swelling and prevent the nose from shifting.

For better results, you can turn an easy chair into a bed. Customize it with pillows to keep your head elevated and add blankets for added comfort. It would provide more stability to your head than a bed. To relieve your pain and suffering, you will have prescription medicines and ice packs. Additionally, you can keep newspapers and magazines to make your resting time more productive. Reading good news stories will distract your attention from the suffering.

3# Plan your meals ahead of recovery

Before you go into recovery mode, you should prepare your kitchen to get a smooth supply of nutritious meal. Ready to cook recipes that you can refrigerate for a long time would be a boon during recovery time. The sick feeling would discourage you from cooking your meals but it is better to have a home cooked meal instead of ordering pizazz and burgers from fast food centers. Refrigerated food that only needs microwave cooking is good cellular renewal. You can buy food packets before leaving for the surgery so that you don’t have to rush to the supermarket to buy food during your recovery period.

4# Be punctual with your medicines

It is possible to skip doses when you are resting. But never let the lazy feel to overcome your willpower to remain punctual with your meds. A lazy feel of "will take it later" will encourage you to skip doses but it isn’t good for long run. While there will be no problem with missing one or two doses but if missing medicine becomes your habit then it will become a problem.

5# Respect your nose

The surgeon would do a good job but the outcome could be poor due to negligence in recovery. You need finding time to rest from your busy schedule; you need taking your meds on time and you need following the advice tendered by your surgeon in letter and spirit. Smoking, drinking booze and taking wrong supplements or jostling the nose would have a serious impact on your nose. Not taking proper rest like lying with a flat head that is below heart level and not taking proper diet would result in poor outcome.

Rhinoplasty would improve your look and feel and the process includes recovery. If you aren’t serious about recovery, you won’t get the expected outcome. You have undergone surgery; you’re suffering from pain and there are bruise all over your nose. If the results are poor, all the courage you displayed during the process would go in vain. You should give due respect to your nose and give yourself enough time to recover from the painful surgical process.

6# Follow your doctor’s instructions and prescriptions

The best way to recover from rhinoplasty is to follow the advice of your surgeon. He will suggest pre-operative and post-operative activities to get best results from the surgical process. You can divide rhinoplasty into three stages.

Pre-operative: The surgeon would examine your physical health and suggest necessary measures like stopping smoking at least until the recovery period. Also, he would prescribe medicines to prepare your nose for surgery.

Surgical process: The surgeon would take you to operating table only when he finds you in good physical and mental health. He with his team can transform your nose but he would want you to follow his advice post-surgery.

Recovery: In recovery, you would have to take care of the surgical process and make sure that you do nothing that reverses the rhinoplasty process. Proper rest and medicines are needed for complete healing. A slight negligence on your part could damage the surgical construction.


Recovery from rhinoplasty starts as soon as you are out of the operating room. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that you have to become your surgeon during the recovery period. Keeping your head elevated and stabilized is important for good results. Your surgeon won’t come to see whether you are lying in right posture but he would expect that you maintain the right posture of your head throughout and even after the recovery period.

The surgeon would call you for the checkup after a few days of surgery. You should follow the medical checkup schedule as prescribed by your surgeon. The pain and suffering would reduce overtime but if you sense trouble like pain not subsiding even with medicines and unusual high swelling all the day, you should visit your surgeon before schedule. It could be due to a surgical mistake or negligence on your part. The surgeon would check and advice.

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