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HostiServer- A Reliable Hosting Solutions in the United States and Europe

Author: Ronak Singh
by Ronak Singh
Posted: Apr 23, 2018

Throughout my journey with different websites and their hosting, I have come across lots and lots of web-hosts, some of which were exceptionally great, while some, not so much. I have tried out and hosted my websites and blogs with countless different hosts and recently, I stumbled across HostiServer and decided to give it's Managed Hosting a shot.

Web hosting is literally a place where you would store your website; hence, the hosting will ironically work like a home for your website. In light of that fact, believe me, you would not want to host your sites with unworthy web hosts.

Just like you wouldn’t fancy a matchbox for a house, you need to make sure your website deserves a hosting which has more than enough room to store your website, along with several others.

When I hosted with HostiServer, I was a bit wary of the storage and its quality. However, soon enough I realized that they were integrated with a large capacity of SSD storage and turned out quite remarkable in storing my website with much ease and smoothness.

Now, even though I was thoroughly satisfied with the storage I was offered for my website, I had to ensure that my data and other important documents for my website wouldn’t get lost. After all, I’ve had some experience with a few web-hosts, all of which turned out to be like a Bermuda triangle. My data went in and was never found again. I’m yet to discover where my data vanished.

Anyways, with that worry in mind, I went on a quest to confirm data backup options. While their website ensured utmost data backup, I had to make sure that HostiServer was true to their words. Therefore, I tried out their data backups and was pleased to ascertain that my data was in safe hands and could have been recovered with just a few clicks of my mouse.

Although, let me tell you the biggest question and the center of my query used to be the Migration of my websites. Before hosting with them, I was hosted with some other web host and wasn’t even the least bit satisfied with the services I was provided. Coupled with the fact that I’d spent a lot of bucks on my prior web-host, I was unwilling to spend a hefty amount of money on the migration of my website with HostiServer.

However, They effortlessly switched my website to their servers with rapid speed and absolutely no downtime. I was completely in awe of their technical environment and fully optimized infrastructure. Along with all that, I was impressed by their support system as well.

I could reach their customer service, and their team would get back to me within mere minutes. Such fast reflexes are rare to find in a web-host these days.

Overall, I am happy to exclaim that after hosting my website with HostiServer, I was thoroughly pleased with the fully managed hosting services they offered. Even though I was a bit reserved in the beginning, my mistrust about their quality quickly faded into oblivion since I was stuck with the realization that HostiServer is definitely worthy and I could easily trust it with my websites.

I would definitely recommend it to all of my readers and ask them to give it a try. It serves with utmost dedication and swiftest performance I’ve ever seen, and if you’ve got any query or feedback, let me know in the comments below.

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