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Best Tax Saving Investment Option

Author: Dev Nair
by Dev Nair
Posted: Apr 24, 2018

In India, Income tax stands as the maximum revenue generator to the government. It is imposed on every single person earning in this country with variously designated slabs as per the income level of an individual. People are in constant search for saving the maximum of this tax by various methods of investment, amongst which Mutual fund stands the best. This is best for people who have less idea or knowledge and stacked with a busy schedule as it provides simple benefits to them with maximum tax saving opportunity.

How does it work?

The term Mutual literally has some meaning in this type of investment. Here you combine your money with other investors and purchase a part of securities like stocks, money market instruments, bonds etc. It carefully manages your money as per the various schemes available for it and helps you achieve your perfect financial goal in exchange for a small amount as a fee.

How will you invest in mutual funds?

Mutual fund investment can be done by two methods. First is you may invest directly. Second is to hire a mutual fund planner Mumbai and invest in their available schemes. The advantages and disadvantages are very clear in both the processes.

Direct investment leads to direct plan of the funding scheme which has no additional cost such as commission but you need to do all the research, study, survey and monitor your investments by your own whereas if you go for hiring an agency, of course, there would be a chargeable commission, however, your work will be streamlined being less hectic for you.

Mutual funds in India and their types:

SEBI also known as Securities and exchange board of India regulates and categorizes mutual funds in India with four types: Equity, Debt, Hybrid, and Solution oriented mutual funds.

Equity Mutual fund can get you a greater return as this scheme makes you invest directly in the stocks. It depends on the performance of the stock market and is risky too.

Debt mutual fund is good if you have a short-term goal. Here you invest in debt securities which give you a moderate and modest returns additionally it is much safer than the equity Mutual fund scheme.

Hybrid stands for the more or less combination of both of the above two schemes and last but not the least the solution-oriented mutual funds get your financial goal fulfilled like pension, education of your child etc.

Mumbai tops the chart with maximum mutual fund presence.

Mumbai the financial capital of India has the maximum number of presence in mutual fund investments and the reason behind this is you will be getting the Best Mutual fund Agent In Mumbai. There are various mutual fund planners in Mumbai who would provide the best procedure and scheme for your investment. These planners are CFP or certified mutual fund planners which are internationally recognized and a mark of excellence given to someone who meets the standards of education they achieve, pass the examination, has experience and value ethics for their clients seeking the best path of investment. So, if you are planning for the best mutual fund scheme and knowledge about it, Mumbai would serve you as the hub of information and guidance for the best tax saving plan or mutual funds.

This article is the easy way to understand the best tax saving tool i.e. the mutual fund if you are in India. It explains the types of Mutual fund schemes and the place to get best guidance for the investment procedure and how it is the best tax saving tool for busy people in an easy way.

Please subscribe the page to know more about mutual funds and various schemes available to suit your best requirement. If you want to know more about a Mutual Fund Planner in Mumbai, then this Snpfp is your handy guide and solution to your every query. If you are in trouble and looking for the best way to save taxes, then please follow us to know various other schemes and methods related to tax saving and mutual funds.

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